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I love making video game music. Message if you have job offers, or just leave a shout!

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Music is great. Music is good.

Is it always fun to write? Fuck no.

Hitting that original idea that's been playing in your head, and having it come juuuuuusst short of what you wanted it to sound like is a pain in the ass. It also works vice versa though. Accidents happen in music, and when the good ones do, hallelujah.

The other thing that makes it the best? Trying to get those hits. Imagine this scenario:

You write what could be the greatest song in the fucking world. This song has perfect sound levels, perfect composition, its just immaculate. You listen to it over and over and this deafening sense of pride just engulfs you. You post it to the world a few days later because you think its ready for it.

Guess what?

They don't give a shit.

Yes I know, its horrible. No one gives two fucks about your music. Every possible path that led to that moment becomes irrelevant.

What happened? Why does no one care? Have they even listened to it?

Facebook pages go up. More and more songs get written and posted to soundcloud. Where is that recognition?

It eventually seems pretty hopeless.

Until that one fan hits the like/favourite/love/sex on the beach button.

You become ecstatic. SOMEONE LIKES MY SHIT.

That's why I write music. Every time I know someone likes a piece that I've written, it becomes another challenge to me.

'Ok, you wrote this one. Let's see you write another song that's anywhere near as worthy.'

Challenge accepted.

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