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Since we was young, we had dreamed always about making our Own video game.

We always thought that there will be one day, we will inspire people with our own builded game. Since then, we was always learning programming games until we started to write a game script. But the help costs money that We don't have.

So we found Kickstarter and we try to earn money to hire people who will help Us finishing the game for you!

For the future we want to make our company! Make our dream come...

--> www.kickstarter.com/projects/1212817585/wildman-innovative-survival-game <--

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Hi community !

Today is an important day! Thank you all, we have been Greenlit! (in five week) Yeaaaah!!!

Greenlit in five week!

Now, we need your help !

Support us on kickstarter! (And show special rewards!)

--> Kickstarter.com <--

Wildman is an open world, procedural, sandbox game FPS/TPS, Survival Horror, IRL connected, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.

Its development is inspired by games such as Rust, DayZ and Minecraft. This game which is massively multiplayer, will lead you and your potential allies in a true survival race full of danger.

"Humanity is in danger, a man is sent into the past to start all over again, however, you will not be alone on this planet!"

EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL PROCEDURAL WORLD: When you race against death, explore the changing nature, consisting of biomes: desert, snowy landscape, forest and tropical places. Flora and fauna will be ruthless to stop you.

SURVIVE: Populated by many animals and mysterious life forms, everything will be good to ensure your survival: hunting, harvest, capture animals and create a breeding or build you own plantation system, mine your resources and get ready for the night! No mercy for anyone.

TECHNOLOGY: The integration of technology allows you to install a complete video surveillance system, receive SMS alerts in case of attack and sell your creations on a auction house. However, you will must supply electricity and maintain it.

MAKE YOUR OWN VEHICLES: You can make your own vehicles and move freely and without limit in this gigantic world!

BUILD AND PROTECT YOU: THE NIGHT COMES ... : Through a unique construction system, prepare your OWN construction structures from what nature offers you: stone, wood, metal, ... The only limits are defined by our own imagination... and by your enemies.

Points of Interest : Discover hundreds of great points of interests like bunkers, campsites or cities. Each building can be explored inside and outside.

Special Enemies : Enemies will claw, jump and break their way through the world in order to get you. They can see and hear the player and can work into a hound.

Solo, Cooperative and Multiplayer : Play solo, coop or multiplayer in our unique world.

Physics demolition and Stability : Our Physics System simulates real-time structural integrity, durability and mass. Build it right or watch it come crumbling down.

IRL connected : You will receive IRL notification like Emails or SMS.

We want to build more than a game.

We want to build a community and relationship with our customers taking input, feedback and ideas to put it into the game.

It’s not just our game it's everyone’s game! Our relationship with you can be closer than ever with Kickstarter.

We have a lot of things planned to keep you informed and in the loop with Dev-Blogs, Video-Blogs, news updates, forum polls and more.

Support us on kickstarter! (And show special rewards!)

--> Kickstarter.com <--

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