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Im Frenchy living in China, i am actually working on a game on my free time

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Well, how to start.. maybe I should directly come to the point.
I am developing on a game by myself, the idea came out when my friend asked me: "can you find me a game where i can play a dog ?" and i wasn't able to find anything for him to play.

I had this idea that came I love Scifi, then i will set the background in it, it will be in 2D because to me 3D was associated with more bug an more work but in Unity 3D this is not true, in fact its same.
so i started to draw the concept it looked day after day as a game i would enjoy to play
At first the game was designed to be an adventure infiltration games with simple mechanics:

-enemy hear you they seek you but you can hide.
-the dog have stances, sneaking, crawling that allow it to approch enemies and in some situation do special skills.

But after a first playable demo, i told myself that is not very interesting not challenging, not deep enough, so then came the idea to get rid of all the mechanics, keep only the control and animation and switch it to a adventure RPG, with loots, exploration, stats and inventory, yes even on a dog ( it is SCIFI!)

that give actually the project i am working on, the dog is assisted by a prototype AI which can display a combat matrice to help you, you can loot shield that you need to reload during fight, loot some dog-only implants to make your bites stronger, loot hack toolkit to debuff enemy or bug some others AI, and a shock generator that in complement with the shield allow you to "tank" enemies.

I haven't decided the name yet , let say a tempory name as Dog Mind before finding better, Because working alone on this project take me so much time between drawing everything ( characters in pixel art & scenes in normal painting), animating my character dog and enemies, doing the code.., I am looking for someone to join me and help me to redesign the enemies and NPC, because they are pretty ugly and hard to animate

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