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We are Thang & Dzung Phung Dinh brothers from Hanoi, Vietnam. During the day, we work full time on for professional movies and video game studios, but during the night, we turn indie developers and work on our own games. We worked on Banjo Kazooie, Kinect Sports, 007: Skyfall, John Carter, Snow White and the Huntsman ..etc as well as our own title: Tank Brawl and Jump, Step, Step

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PhungGames @ Unreal Engine destructible skeletal mesh

Your suggestion works as well however the main reasons we did it like this are:
- Performance: I think using 1 skeletal mesh is faster than creating a dozen of individual components.
- Take more time to setup the blueprint ( i.e you need attach all the individual components to the right skeletal mesh's join, artist need to export all the individual components ) . Wheras, this way you only deal with one skeletal mesh. Our artist also says that doing UV is easier for him than keeping tracks of all the components.

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PhungGames @ Jump, Step, Step

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