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Hi guys! I know have been gone for quite some time, but it doesn´t mean that Super Jelly Troopers isn´t getting updates. No, not at all!

In fact we just released a major update a couple of weeks ago. We added some new achievements and we also tuned a bit more the gameplay, as we know this is not an easy game and beginners might find hard to know how to control the player. That´s why we also included some extra info on-screen.

We´re proud to announce that the Windows Store version of Super Jelly Troopers has been updated.

This update includes a major new feature: Level Selection. It´s now possible to play previously played levels by going to the missions screen. Loosing lives is now a bit less frustrating. Enjoy!

Finally! Level selection arrives to Super Jelly Troopers.
I´m pretty sure this is one of the most expected features, being the developer i know how hard the game can be... You really need to practice a lot, and even so, some parts are really tricky and you need to die a lot to learn how the pass them. For sure not being able to restart the last mission was something that was holding users down...I know this could be really frustrating. Now, i´m proud to announce that this is a reality. For Android and IOS the level selection update is already available, and can be found on the missions screen (just click a mission and see the locked/unlocked levels). Soon i´ll be releasing the update for Windows Store/Phone as well... About Blackberry ... i´ll think about it a bit more :-)

Updates soon

pcdreamssoftware Blog

Uau. Its really been along time since my last post. There were some news but more at professional level since I got a new and exciting job. So, the game development is really going slow at the moment. But, as the title says, I'll be doing some updates soon to Super Jelly Troopers while Working at the same time on a new project .. A platform / puzzle game...

While struggling to give the world a tiny tiny infinite knowledge about Super Jelly Troopers existence , i was able to update the game play a bit, fix some bugs and add a new cool feature: "The reserve parachute"
The reserve parachute can be used to save the trooper life, after first parachute release, if for instance you drop it too fast or before the correct timing. If you see he's going to land on a trap you can pull "once" the reserve parachute. A player should learn how to master this technique, since in some advanced levels it's basically the only way to finish them.. :-)

SJT Updates

pcdreamssoftware Blog

It's been a while since my last blog update, but this doesn't mean that i was not doing something...
In fact i've been working on some exciting new levels for Super Jelly Troopers next big release update. Plus the new levels we will have also some surprises, regarding the game play itself... but we're not revealing much more for now... All i can say is "stay tuned!", and check periodically our twitter page to get the latest development news...

It´s been a while since my last post. Is not like i´m not doing anything, on the contrary, i´m busy as always. I´m not developing any new project at the moment, since i´m doing a round of updates to all my previous releases, which are 5 games so far. So it´s a lot of stuff to update, fix bugs, etc... And i´m just one guy. Besides, i´m also working on the marketing for Super Jelly Troopers, making a game is not hard, marketing it is, a lot!... Unfortunately i don´t have a budget for promotion, so all goes much slower...

At the moment there are a few differences between IOS and Android versions, and the windows/phone versions... being the first 2 a bit more "ahead" of the others (actually for IOS the update is still waiting for review... yeah Apple really sucks!!!), but no need to worry, we're already finishing the updates for windows versions as well, so it is very likely that in a week or less these OS will receive the same updates as the first ones...
Apart some bug fixing, there are also some enhancements on the gameplay and some surprises at level design as well...really cool by the way :-)

Hi there, we have just updated our main website, don´t be shy and come check it out at www.pcdreams-software.com.. Although we know we´re not getting any, any feedback would be appreciated :-)
In the meantime we´re updating Super Jelly Troopers, to fix some nasty bugs and also add some improvements and a few surprises...
By the way, we also got featured here: Bit.ly

Yes, that's true. The funniest part has ended, which means development is over (not counting maintenance or bug fixing of course). Our latest release Super Jelly Troopers is now available for download on Google Play, App Store, Windows and Windows Phone Store. Now is time to spread the word about the game so the all world could be just as amazed as i did doing it (or not :-) ).

Anyway, i have already some ideas for new games, luckily or not i have plenty of ideas, but very little time as this is still just an hobby... so for the next three or four weeks i'll be most focused on marketing the game. Than in a couple of months i'll probably pick a new endeavor.