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Polaroid Dev Blog


This week, P0tato Studio made the following changes towards the game, Polaroid:

  • Tweaked how the game's backstory is revealed to the player
  • Updated visual elements in game, for example, posters in factory
  • Fixed a bug that prevent the player from solving a puzzle
  • Fixed a bug that messed up the guidance text sequence
  • Added a transition scene in between different levels
  • Added more visual and audio feedback for teleportation and object resetting
  • Polished UI elements, including title menu and pausing menu

These changes are introduced to further polish our game and push it towards a bug-free and well-presented build. The original backstory plotline didn't convey the story very well, so we decided to reveal more information and context so that our players can follow along easily. Additionally, we hope the polished visual elements and newly added feedback can provide a much smoother gameplay experience.


Screenshot 1: the transition scene between levels.


Screenshot 2: the new layout of the pausing menu


Screenshot 3: the poster in factory

Next week, we plan to:

  • Add more clues and "answers" to our story
  • Fix bugs and add features based on playtest feedbacks
  • Update some of the assets we use visually

game download link: PolaroidBeta

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