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I remember opening QBasic when I was 10, inside was a file named "gorrilas.bas" and if you opened it, ran it, it was a GAME! Blew my 10 year old mind and started a passion burning inside. A passion that can only be satisfied with the development of games. That spark of interest got me into PC clubs at school, the real nerds, the knowledge! It scored me floppy disk with Space Quest, Wolfenstein, X-Wing, DOOM and other awesome games as the years chugged along. Then CD-ROMs came out and the games kept coming... Quake, Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight, Dark Forces, Return to Zork, and so much more. Over the years I was picky about what games to beat. So I would get into it when I did play. Kings Quest V really kicked off my love for adventure, then came Gabriel Knight and Police Quest IV. These Sierra titles really changed the way I looked at games. You had consoles and they're fantastic, but PC is where it all starts regardless and I love them for it.


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Insurgency Sandstorm - Featuring Custom Maps, Gamemodes and Mutators