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Chaos Quest Posted as Game!

nuxis351 Blog

well after i added the market place, and started making the first main story Npc, and Allen was like, POST IT!!!!!!!!!!
i guess i felt like i had to post it, male char. skin finished, and some food to =)
so after Chaos Quest is approved by indieDB i will post on the games page instead of as blog posts.
i'll see anyone who watched these posts on the games new page, as an "official" indie game
happy days.

Working on Player skin For Chaos Quest mmo

nuxis351 Blog

after kind of making an npc I started the game up to check how it looks and noticed that the player skin looks, well there's no nice way to say this..............like shit.
so im going to make it look not so shit by making it, different and adding more customization to the player create step.
there goes another 2 day *sigh*

Game update!

nuxis351 Blog

well after much running through rain and hiding in McDonalds, john has joined the dev. team for Chaos quest, which i have decided to completely redo ( sprites ) i tossed everything! and started over.
and the first npc has just been made! paperdolls for the pickaxe are being redone, and stuff is happening.


nuxis351 Blog

i have decided to work on a solo, MMO which i think i will call Chaos Quest
im planing on posting on indie after a good portion is finished, at the time of this posting
first shop is almost done, goblins are almost done, skeletons are in beta, mining is being worked on.
and tilesheets are being looked up
happy gaming =)


nuxis351 Blog

playing some minecraft on my server with my friend!
im nuxis351 and he is drcool12342
i use Bukkit to host so we have plugins essentials included
we are a survival server, and you can build just about anywhere!
so much fun, have anti-greif, and lockett
server will be up for a while each day
so have fun everyone
if anyone wants to join the ip is:

infinitecom's new game

nuxis351 Blog

well i was talking with Allen and guess what, he wants to get working on a game!
so, we spent a few hours looking for a good engine, and decided to use darkBASIC.
like before Allen will do Maping.
I will do coding
and John will do Graphics.
but this time we have a new member on the team, Dan Bront!
Dan will be assisting John in doing the graphics!

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