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Creator of the Knights & Legends and New Horizon legacies. From Tabletop RPGs to 3D gaming. :)

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God, it's been a week full of bs. I didn't even know stress could get to you when you're virtually having minimum interaction with other human beings. Going outside becomes a less pleasurable experience each day. Living in populated regions suck! Everyone is aggravated over Covid and how the whole US reopening is incredibly messy. The turtles stick to the left lane, thinking about relocating during this mess is nearly impossible, executive orders every day, really? Uuff yea glad I'm working on this game 24/7. It keeps my mind busy. Total respect for all the essential workers out there. They're dealing with a lot!!!

How crazy is it that every time I watch this cutscene I notice something different? Stuff that I didn't program to happen. Could the game have a life of its own? How powerful of a message is the machine trying to send here?

Friends who have been following ongoing development updates for Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, I’ve been working on a very important part of the game in the last few days. It was my desire to publish an update this past weekend. Unfortunately I got a little behind as I implemented new collision camera features and build the kingdom of Vancroft. Expect an update later this week. Things are looking real nice!

Felix, J.

It's official!

NoobDev7 Blog

Dropping the trpg scene to fully focus in the development of knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age. Next time you venture into Knightstabletoprpg.com things will look a bit different. The changes are part of my transition from tabletop into 3D gaming.

The move will free up several hours that were spent marketing and creating supplements to focus all of my resources into this new 3D game. I'm very excited to realize this lifelong dream! It will complete me, for sure.

While crowdfunding is looking like a bust, sometimes less is more. I'll do what I can to make this game a truly remarkable experience. Something that will make people look back and wish they contributed :)

It's a bit of a long story, but check this out. For the last two years I've been fully dedicated to the tabletop rpg industry. Apparently a very tough market to get in. People aren't s friendly and there's a lot of dedicated trolls. If that wasn't enough, you've to continuously monitor for misinformation. Things got so out of hand when I first started that I had to do a cease and desist on one website in particular, then deal with digital piracy of my products on another, etc...

I always asked myself, what's with the hostility!? I didn't do anything to these people why are they harassing me like this? Normally you welcome new people, not throw rocks at them. After a year or so everything became more clear. People were just too busy politicizing the contents of a game and attacking numerous authors for not delivering pro this, pro that products. I mean, these people minds were so twisted or their self esteem so low that they literally go off on you just because. Almost as if they want you to feel ashamed for something that you have no clue about why they're ranting to begin with. Do I really have to pick left or right when it comes to building a game? No, thanks!

Best policy was to ignore. Then I found a website with no censoring and dropped out from communities were these sort of toxic behavior thrived. My main worry during this process was to not lose my fanbase and potential costumers. Later, that turned out not be a concern because everyone followed me to the new website I was in. Not even 6 months after I started a thread about my tabletop games I had noticed I was one of the top viewed threads in that community. Sales picked up and naturally began decreasing after nearly a year or so. I managed to defend my name against misinformation, bullying, and shutdown piracy, all on my own while still thriving in that industry and making my main games best sellers 2 years in a row. But now I feel like I'm in a gray zone again, and I'll tell you why.

Since I started the crowdfunding for Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, I spread the word in all communities I'm active in. I figured, some people would be excited to hear I was looking for funding, not only for one, but for two games within the same crowdfund. The idea was to boost the resources available to develop K&L: DNA and use leftover funds to develop a free tabletop rpg for the whole community there as a sincere thanks. To my surprise there's been 0 contributions, 4 days later! And that's something that as a responsible developer and an adult comes without saying. Do not flip out on your fanbase for lack of support. Honestly I'm not angry at them for not showing any support as of yet. And I could never justify being angry at the 3D gaming community because I've only been working in this project for a few months, and I know it takes a while to develop that confidence. Regardless if funding is met or not, K&L: DNA will keep moving forward. One because 95% of the work is done by me, and two, I'm confident I can deliver a pretty cool and fun game for people to play within the next 2 years. I may never get paid for all the time invested in it, but when you create something out of love and with the true purpose of sharing it with people the time you spend creating it really doesn't matter. That's what being an Indie developer is like for the majority of us.

That's also a good reminder for everyone seeking funding out there. If you look at a guy like me, with two best selling tabletop rpgs and a fanbase of over 1000+ subs on dtrpg, you can still not get funded. I personally was always very honest with my subs, all my products include previews, and I always offered freebies as a thank you for their continued support. Of course, I could always get friends and family to ship in on crowdfunding, but that's kinda like cheating. There's simply no joy in it for me, I could create an illusion but in the process also create a sad reality. If I can't get funded by complete strangers so be it. I'll work hard on this game and I'll turn it into another best seller in the next 2 years once it's published, and that's that. Ultimately, I think this is a good reminder to consider that you shouldn't rely on anyone for funding to deliver a project? :) You be the judge! I'm going to kickback and free my mind from negativism and then get back to my project. Enjoy your weekend!

Always had better luck with low budget computers. I'll never purchase another alienware in my life. It had nothing but problems after problems, all hardware related. Almost like I paid top bucks for a refurbished laptop. It even got replaced after the 5th hardware problem in 2 years. For what? 2 years later the motherboard got fried and I no longer paid for their ripoff insurance. Lenovo, HP, even Asus were always used as backup computers to my main machine and one of them still performs like new, many, many, maaaaany years later. Backup your important files frequently. I normally do it three times a month.

I’m currently debating whether starting a IndieGoGo crowdfund in the near future. The funds themselves aren’t meant to support the game, as it’s already fully funded by my New Horizon: All-in-one Core Book (tabletop rpg) sales. The point of the funding will be to continue to finance full-time development (8~14hrs a day) in order to speed up development of the game. As already had explained, it’s tough to work on both tabletop and a 3D project at the same time with a family and a career. It’s due to the covid-19 crisis that I managed to go full-time for now.

If funding goals are met I could dedicate months to development. If funding isn’t met, worst case scenario is a late 2022 release. Best case scenario, summer 2021. The crowdfund campaign would keep running for several months with weekly or biweekly development updates.

By now if you have been following my work I’m sure there’s no question in your mind I’m a responsible developer. Someone who consistently utilizes earnings in order to improve new products and continues to be independent. Please keep in mind the ideal funding goal would be $50K.

Any unused funds will be used for future releases. Dawn of a New Age is a one shot development in order to bridge tabletop rpg’s to a broader gaming community. I might not do a crowdfund at all, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

The importance of time

NoobDev7 Blog

Everyone is always busy right? There are few people with the luxury of having enough time to spare. I had that luxury once, but lacked the knowledge to turn it into something productive. Now I juggle my time between adult responsibilities, tabletop roleplaying and developing a game from scratch.

Gosh don't you hate when people put obstacles in your way without any necessity? It's all too common these days. There's always a way around it though, even from the largest obstacles. That's how I patiently grew my name within the tabletop rpg hobby, turned my game into a best seller, and with its earnings was able to finance the development of K&L: Dawn of a New Age.

Live and learn :)

When I first started with the concept for Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age the idea was to simply convert my latest tabletop rpg, New Horizon into a 3D game. As usual once my brain gets into gear you can't stop it until it fulfills its desire for creativity.

Up to 5 years ago if I looked at a project of this magnitude I'd simply give up believing it was just too much labor for one person to accomplish in a timely manner. Truth is, if you're up for it there's virtually almost nothing in the universe that can stop you from accomplishing your goals. Like the saying goes, you impose your own limits on yourself or something similar.

Coding on my own was a bit scary at first. But when you look at it as a foreign Language, it's pretty much what it is. C# is actually pretty easy and basic to learn, almost as simple as HTML or JS. Most of the core coding for the game is near done. I'm sure there are several tweaks coming ahead but the roots have been laid to build what I had envisioned. Now it's almost as simple as putting 1 and 1 together, testing, fixing, polishing, delivering. Easier said than done, I know.

C# in a nutshell: Tell me what you want me to do and it shall be done. If you don't speak the language a simple basic action is difficult to command. But when you're a fluent speaker it comes out naturally just like saying good morning or thank you!

One of my favorite things to think of is how things are created. Starting with the programs I use to deliver this game, to the universe. The really really smart ones are those who are able to create the tools the rest of mankind uses to perform basic tasks. I use these tools to craft and deliver a product. To put it bluntly, I enjoy creating something from nothing. It's the closest it makes you feel to what being God would feel like. Everything in the game was created by me, I'm the game's God.

It's easy to get carried on and let that ego skyrocket when you create something, but it's also important to love and respect it. Let your creation run its course and flourish in the world like many others. It's important to stay humble and down to earth. There's nothing more satisfying to a creator than seeing people use their tools. In my case, K&L is meant to give you joy while it entertains you. Money is not what drives me, but the feeling of accomplishment of passing this joy on to another human being.

Best regards,
Felix, J.

I'm glad that I'm able to convert my work into good deeds and help with charitable causes. I was very excited to take part in a AU Brushfire Relief campaign held by a third party not long ago. And now selling my products at a huge discount in order to help people stay safely at home during these global health crisis. We must come together and keep supporting each other. Staying home for a month+ may sound boring, but I'm doing the best I can. It was a great time to pickup pace on development of Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age. Check out the latest article here!

Try not to worry much about tomorrow as a lot of things are still unsure. We all got our hands tied at this moment, so kick back and relax. Just imagine paying out of pocket a hospital bill of over $20K+ for Covid-19 treatment that your health insurer didn't want to pay for! It's a very avoidable expense for the majority of us. Be smart, stay home and game.

Best Regards,
Felix, J.

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