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To get things started in the Dev-Blog Series, I’d like to introduce the concept behind Proceed, what makes it unique and why I’m developing it. Development is currently in early stages - much of what is seen here is subject to big changes in the coming months!

#1. Introduction – Procedural 2D Worlds

Proceed is a 2D side-scroller currently in early development, which takes place in an alternate earth, in a parallel universe to our own, where humanity’s future is far more bleak. The planets resources have dried up and attempts to harvest energy and fuel from nearby asteroids have had little success. A promising new technology allowing travel between dimensions could be the answer to continue human life.

I won’t be reveling much more of the story for now, but the player is placed in the shoes of a would-be hero, tasked with exploring worlds beyond this dimension and harvesting precious resources to return home. A wide array of upgrades will allow you to explore more dangerous and resource rich worlds.


As the player uses portal technology to travel, the game’s engine generates unique worlds to explore. A library of Digital ‘painted’ artwork is combined with unique algorithms to build a complex and dense world. Below is a brief list of some of the current features being procedurally generated using a wide range of techniques.

  • Terrain with varying roughness, caves, floating platforms, chasms and underwater trenches
  • Water with unique bouyancies, compositions and dangers
  • World gravity, atmosphere composition, ground composition and temperature
  • Procedural cloud cover with varying wind speeds and fog
  • A variety of dynamic weathers including rain, snow, lightning storms and more
  • Plant life including grass, plants, trees, vines, each generated from a growing bank of components
  • Celestial objects, stars, planets, moons, suns, comets and nebulas
  • Alien life, creatures dynamically generated for land, air or water
  • Alien AI, friendly, passive and aggressive creatures with varied stats
  • Underwater and cave based flora and fauna
  • Random building generation, locked doors, puzzle elements, unique architectures
  • Technological dangers, mounted turrets, cybernetic life and base warfare
  • Partially destructible environments, giving multiple ways to approach resource collection
  • Resource system based on ground, air and water composition.
  • Upgrade system based on resources and technology. Prepare for even the harshest of environments.


There’s much more to be added to this list in the coming months, with the aim of ramping up development over the summer months with successful funding. - Hope you like the idea, will be happy to answer any questions in the comments!

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