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Wally taking hits

PetSkull Blog

Wally getting hit

I've begun the implementation of collision detection against the player. Those pesky eyes really does some damage.

Progress since last update

PetSkull Blog

Ok, så since the last time, I've implemented these items from my list:

  • Add coins to pick up
  • Add the tool selector (select between torches, stones, energy drinks and rope)
  • Implement collisions for player against all enemies
  • Add loot to chests - On it, not nearly done yet

And I've implemented a lot of small gimmicks:

  • The HUD. Shows coins collected and current energy status (+the tool selector)
  • Loose energy when under water for too long
  • Fixed all collisions
  • Added sorting to objects (draw order)
  • Added energy bottle pickup
  • Added thought bubble
  • Added tool tips
  • Water splash when entering water (all objects)
  • Show visually how much energy is lost when colliding with enemy
  • Visual jumping path - See where the player jumps

I have been thinking about how to present the player to the story - Maybe as a short movie of some kind.

Other ideas:

  • Add parallax scrolling to the background. Not sure how this will work out - Will it add depth or add confusion?
  • Add bombs
  • Add loot crates to break (which also can hold enemies)

That is all for this update. See ya'.

The current to-do list for my game

PetSkull Blog


My current to-do list

Right now one big list of all the things, I dont want to forget:

  • Add coins to pick up
  • Add secrets to dig out
  • Add map of the current cave (gained from a chest)
  • Add the tool selector (select between torches, stones, energy drinks and rope)
  • Add 2 more tile sets (the crystal caves and the bottom lava caves)
  • Finish tile set 2 (the stone caves)
  • Implement collisions for player against all enemies
  • Add save point at each chest (return to last chest or start when dead)
  • Create graphics for bosses and minibosses (how many?)
  • Add loot to chests - Torches, gold, energy drinks, map (what else?)
  • Finish tile collisions (when on stairs)
  • Add more tile items (decorations)
  • Add death animation

The bigger picture

  • Add start menu
  • Add exit-level animations
  • Find and add music
  • Find and/or create sound effects

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