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Mapping, Programming, and Texture work, thats what I love doing.

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Haven't touched this in a while

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Hope to get this going again sometime. Being busy with too many projects at once makes that possible, but hey, it's all great fun!

In the future, I'd like to post some tutorials here, maybe some dev blogs of City17, and or various maps I spend my time working on. Maybe even some articles on various aspects of things I find funny within Source. Anyways, hope to update this later, sorry it's empty!

New TF2 art assets!

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Seems that most of the new Heavy stuff is finally out! That means, new achievements, weapons, and most importantly new maps! And with that New map assets. We'll be working on a new arena map shortly perhaps, and see how that goes over with the new gameplay. You can look forward to that in the coming weeks.


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Source is awesome, probably the best engine to mod for in my opinion, but we can all agree that sometimes parts of it lag behind. Technical aspects that is. In the upcoming weeks, we plan to talk about more what were doing with source, and why you should maybe might, or not even care. While we're new at this, hopefully we can get some interesting feedback for most of what we have planned, and have in mind.

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December 2nd-2007


As it's always a tough thing to develop, map, control, lead, create, it all wraps up to this years ModB awards, which is nice. Hopefully we nudge in there, even if we only win 99th place, as even that feels like an acheivement. Speaking of which, TF2 is getting more of those. Nice, and as this being Gear's sort of first blog post, i suppose much more can come from all our mebers on Portal, TF2, and Our mod, including wyhat ever the hell else we make.

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