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I'm just an regular 13ish year old kiddo that has thick skin and has a life. I play Bully SE for fun, I make Terry WADs, and all that. My opinion on brutal doom (UACMN is much better than this shit) Brutal Doom sucks. If you played it, a bootysnap will grow out in you're ass. It's a very slow process and it takes about 3 hours to fully grow according to my researches, but if it fully grows, SGTMarkIV will drain it from you and die, then he will convert it into scrump and channel it to crashhelper's dad. If enough scrump is channeled, Crashhelper's dad will tell the toys to attack the galaxy and the whole milky way, then conquer it and turn it into fuckercheekland. Please, if you played brutal doom and hate it, immediately go to the doctor and tell him or her(FMAL ALART HALP BUT K) to remove bootysnap on you're ass. If it's removed, the bootysnap that was growing will die out.

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