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I have worked in the video game industry for 25 years As an Animator,modeler, texture Artist, Sprite artist,Environment artists,character artist, lead artist, Art director and Game designer. I now mostly work on indie games.

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I guess i should start keeping everyone up with what i am doing on my game "The 7 towers."

Today is the start of me going into full production of the game, opposed to just doing a bunch of tests to see if the game will even work. I have a schedule set up and the first level fully designed along with it's cast of monsters and bosses, now to build it and put it all together. I hope to have a fully playable of the first level in about 6-8 weeks. I will be posting news weekly as i go along with progress screens and some character stuff.

Anyways hope you all enjoy and please stay tuned for more 7 towers news (and maybe a few rants)



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Some #indiedevhour we started work this week on the next level. Set among the derelict stations and ships that Orbi… T.co

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Direction is great when you need it.

Oct 25 2020

I look at my art and cry. I have no clue how i do it.

Oct 25 2020

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