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Oh,your wondering what happened to the old name? I don't like that name, since it sounds serious, important, and something a archaeologist will discover in 1000 years. Anyways, this name is better. Also, I don't expect anyone to ever read this, nor is this a serious review.

On to something of adequate attention needed to be payed to.

And so it began: The Great War of Calradia.

This is a great mod to try, play, enjoy, and play again. I should know, I've played it over 5 full game-plays. Yup, 5. I love the dedication Lordless Knight has put into this. That dedication shows. This mod is spectacular. Moreover, he is very active to the community, and a very nice man [and handsome]. Firstly, he creates contests, alot of them. I'm not bragging, but I have won both of them ;). However, the fact that he is open to ideas is a great quality in a modder. Also, the fact that he actively posts image-updates. Aside from myself, Ylrandia [and some others] are very active in helping him with the mod. On to the features:
-Lotsa Banners
-Armies of Barbarians
-A Great War [finally]
-A empire dedicated to archery and trees [I am responsible for that]
-Medics [actual medics]
-The Loyalists and the Rebels
-Hordes of men
-Slave soldiers
-Cataphracts [cause YOLO]
-Trees planted in the desert [cause YOLO]
-New Renamed rebuffed companions [yes, one of the new companions was my input aswell]
-Massive troop trees
-Amazing new bandits -they take castles, have troop trees, and don't take sh!t from anyone.
-The ability to become a Lord bandit
-Many new armours and weapons.
-The Flamberge Zweihänder
-Better Pikemen [Finally, a mod to do that]
-And much more

I highly recommend this mod to Calradian mods fans [Like myself], and overhaul mods fans [I qualify for that too]. Get it, for all the space it is on your computer, you will be thankful. I can't say anything bad about this mod, nor will ever be able too.

Calradian Reimagined.

Calradian Reimagined.

moshedz Blog

Hello, my name is aldodf and am a big fan of Gabrilduro in particular the mod old America in 1860, I and other fans, as a gift for the 2014 Gabrilduro we want to increase the vows, because I do not know if you've seen, but it is the victim of some idiots who put 1 for no reason, you andremme to put 10 as voting, sarabbe a great gift for a great modder who never asks for anything and is always friendly and polite!

Thanks in advance: D

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