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A gaming and mod enthusiast with a predilection for inclusiveness in gaming and support of diverse content.

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For anyone who maybe, just maybe might be interested i'm currently working on concepts for a Feudal Politics/Fiefdom simulator. Currently it's leaning towards visual novel in it's implementation, and i'm playing around with engines like Ren'Py because of the ease of use in branching decision-making. If i did settle on a visual novel style it would be rather time consuming to implement all of the features i am toying with, but as a moderately experienced writer i'm confident i could inject plenty of depth into the concept given enough time and effort. Unfortunately i'm neither much of a musician, nor an illustrator, so any proof of concept i roll out will be rather... lacking in the areas outside of my expertise.

I'm hoping on implementing a lot more than branching paths though. I'm hoping on incorporated a sort of mutifaceted gameplay, including diplomatic contact with friends and enemies, limited battlefield command and tactical planning, and all sorts of managerial decisions. Perhaps with various hidden values that add up and coalesce to alter the way various plot events can turn out.

If anyone who happens to read this is interested i'd be willing to listen to ideas and suggestions, at least until i have a proof of concept rolled out.

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