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Hi, I'm Mana. Your not-so-normal, spazzy, random, gamer, Otaku extreme.
In short I'm just a silly, random girly. XD
I can be quite entertaining and I love to laugh! :D I spend a good portion of my days laughing and making others laugh. XD I have a quick wit. o.o Others would say I am a smart-ass, eh, either way it's all good. XP

I am a bit of a dork. I LOVE playing video games, and I love anime, manga, and comics. I am an avid horror movie buff. Love the blood and gore lawl! XD

I spend a lot of my online time either chatting or gaming. I love playing horror games. o.o Despite getting scared. XD I also dig adventure, RPG, strategy, action, puzzle and the like. I sorta suck at FPS. But I'm trying to get better! :D I just have terrible aim is all. XD

- {♥} Mana

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As you may or may not know. I have a TERRIBLE time trying to sleep at night. And as such I have been trying to find things to do before I just plain collapse from exhaustion. So I started watching DragonBall, and finished it in a couple days and now I've moved on to DBZ. It's sumat I watched as a kid, and watching it now in my twenties, subbed mind you.. I realize how much was cut out! o.o It's SERIOUSLY like watching a new anime. I mean I know what's about to happen... But then sumat dif will happen, just some detail cut out. o.o Like all the blood. o.o I think it sorta shocked me. I'm almost at EP 100 and it's only been about four days or so since I started. <.<
Sleep is for suckers! XD Tho I am living off Monsters and Mtn. Dew! XD Also I have covered my desk in papercrafts. XP I'm sure I am driving my neighbors crazy with my abrupt, loud laughs and screams. XD If I'm not watching anime or sumat on YT I'm playing some horror game. Though sometimes... The atmosphere is ruined by my Kpop and Jpop. XD I'm sure my neighbors are almost fluent in Japanese and Korean by now.
-__-;;; It's so late as I type this. I can't help but look at the clock and realize I have to get up for work in a few hours. I thought a hot shower would make me tired, but all it did was wake me up more. So I've been trying to tire out my mind so I will... well pass out.

  1. Staring into the soulless eyes of papercrafts... RESULT : FAIL!
  2. Hypnotism.... RESULT : Temporarily turned self into chicken.... o.o FAIL!
  3. Writing the words 'Sleeping Potion' on a bottle of water and attempting to trick self into believing it..... RESULT : FAIL!
  4. Dancing around like an idiot and singing in Japanese..... RESULT : FAIL!
  5. Standing on my head..... RESULT : FAIL!
  6. Trying to see the hidden messages in the static on my television..... RESULT : FAIL! (Though your great-great-great-grandma says hi.)
  7. Setting the clocks ahead to induce panic..... RESULT : FAIL!

<.< This whole... 'sleeping' thing is harder than it looks! o.o Maybe I need a new occupation? Eh, but I like nights to myself. XD I do like no one else being up, except that it's lonely sometimes... But at least it's that time of the day that I know I'm not going to be disturbed. <.< It's a pain having roommates coming in to bug you or reveal spoilers. D: That prolly why I never really read comments or stuff before playing new games XD Usually the description and the trailer hook me into at least trying the demo. o.o I wish more things let you demo before you buy.

I was at Target yesterday, hoping to score a cheap Ext Hard drive... Found one, but couldn't get D: was like $20 short. Anyhoo I decided t try a demo of ZombiU on the WiiU..... But all of the 'demos' were just vids. D: I flipped the handheld all over and laughed. It's like a hybrid of a GBA and a NDS! XD I thought that it was cool. Also the interactivity it had with the menu was neat... But at $349... There's NO CHANCE I'll be getting it soon. HOPEFULLY with income tax return. XD But I was also sad to see the 3DS XL at $199. D: I had hoped to buy it soonish too and give my lil bro my 3DS. XD No such luck yet. XP So All I managed to talk myself into was a soft case for my 3DS. o.o It bothers me to not have a case or a skin for my electronics. It's like 'Hey, I'mma be carrying this things around everywhere... how can I keep it like new? Oh what's that? A cover!? :D SURE!'<.< Okay I realize I am ranting now... But I'll have better things to talk about when I get a GFX card that's NOT integrated or whatever... I REALLY wanna play Amnesia and Scribblenauts Unlimited. D:
So for now I'm just playing them on my DSi XL. :D WAIT! That's a great idea! I'll play that till I go to sleep! :D I'mma GENIUS! HAH HAH! XD
And Rememba MANA <3 YOU!


hi what games do you like to play so we can play together :)

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Mizca Creator

I've downloaded some mods for Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and Half-Life EP2. I have Amnesia as well... <.< But my GFX card doesn't support it. D: So can't play it yet. I'm trying to get better at FPS... But I'm still not like MLG at it XD. I love playing horror games. o.o Even if my screams scares people. XP

I like a few genres and if a story has a good story and controls I'm willing to try it. I usually set up the games to run with my controller. I hate the spacing of the controls on a kb @.@ too many to remember. I haven't really looked at many multiplayer games yet. XD

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wiil you be my firend

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