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MISSING: The Complete Saga is a reality-based role playing game set in the rural Indian countryside. Through this game you take the journey of an impoverished but brave village girl, Champa, in her fight against her nefarious circumstances, becoming a victim of trafficking for prostitution, and finding her own place in the world thereafter.

The MISSING game project began with the Missing Game for a cause, a free iOS and Android game. We launched the Missing game for a cause, to raise awareness about trafficking. It won NASSCOM Indie game of the year and has nearly a million organic downloads across 70 countries. The older game is a point and click-style game, whereas the Missing Game 2, is an RPG, but theoretically there are similarities. The game takes you through the journey of one trafficked girl, Champa, and what she must overcome to escape this dark world.

MISSING is focused on innovating how we address trafficking today.The new game is an extended version of Champa's life.

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Missing: The Complete Saga Developer Diary 1 Video

Check out the very first developer blog of our new game. Here we discuss the design and production challenges we faced. We talk about how we are developing this open-world game with a small team. We have also demonstrated the inner workings of our asset pipeline using SideFX #Houdini and #Unity3D

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