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Indie composer for game soundtracks. Contact me if you are interested in working together on a project.

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Hello friends,

I am a composer for media; games, films, and ads. I like to write about music, composing, and music production on my blog. If you are a composer or curious to learn more about what composers do, please visit by my blog:


There are three main subjects that I like to write about: music, composing, and music production. Let me give you a short summary of what each is.

Music - I am a huge music fan, whether it's blazing death metal or sweeping emotional orchestral video game music. I talk about music that I like and am listening to. I also talk about music that inspires me. I believe it is incredibly important to listen to music. All composers must be music fans at heart. I also talk about and share my own music, and the current projects I am working on.

Composing - My blog is not only to share about my own compositions, but about composing techniques. I'm no Hans Zimmer or Stravinsky, but I do have my own approach to composing. Why wait until you're a 60 year old composer to share what you've learned? I am sharing it as I'm learning it. I hope to share what I learn, as I continue to grow in skill and knowledge.

Music Production - The nature of today's composing world intertwines writing music (composing) with producing music (mixing & mastering); but it's important to know the difference. You can write the best, most complex and intricate soundtrack, but if it is not carefully mixed and mastered, your end product will not be received with the praise you hope that it will. It's important for composers writing from their home studios to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to music production.

I do write about little odds and ends that don't quite fit into these three main categories, but these are the core subjects of my blog.

I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog. I hope to see you there!


*If you are interested in hiring me for your gaming project, do not hesitate to contact me: micahbrill@hotmail.com - You can listen to my portfolio at Soundcloud.com

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