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pChanio - - 3 comments

Hello! First of all I love your mod and I am glad some random people on the openra discord showed it to me. I really wanna know if this project is still up for new updates.
I also want to report that there is a strange bug when you're producing planes and helicopters where you have to move them in order to keep the production going.

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Vasa14 - - 20 comments

I have a question. Will there be updates for the C&C All mod? There is an unpleasant bug with an invisible APC at the NOD. After its construction, the game crashes.

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MialiciusMeowdini Creator
MialiciusMeowdini - - 36 comments

Im sorry, but if you are still receiving this would like you to know had to stop development of the mod.
Its only due to personal life reasons that i can no longer keep up with updating.
Thank you for playing !

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MialiciusMeowdini Creator
MialiciusMeowdini - - 36 comments

When i get the time for it, surely there will be, alas... there are only 24 hours a day.

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PolishedPole - - 211 comments

The OpenRA Plus is a great mod, created with large amount of hard work although seems a bit heavy when it comes to subfaction specials count IMO ;)
I think of improving the mod, I see you are active, so here I write my balance/clarification ideas and bug reports:
1. Tried deploying Aircraft Carrier as Germany in debug in lonely match, game crashed.
2. MLRS has no indication whether it's in barrage or dual shot mode.
3. When first built, Hind shoots both MGs and missiles at the same time, when it reloads, only MGs are loaded, and after entire MG ammo is depleted, Hind only then reloads missiles instantly and fires them.
4. Behemoth artillery and Behemoth Tank are a bit confusing. Maybe rename the latter to Super Tank/Monster Tank as in Monster Tank Madness mission in AM? And give the tank electronic beeps instead of normal voices?
5. Could Behemoth artillery have a bit more lob? The guns are nearly vertical, and the trajectory is very flat, that looks strange.
6. ATGM and AA missile infantry are redundant - Rocket Infantries do everything better due to greatly lowered costs. Please set the cost of all three on similiar level, so that ATGM can deal more damage than Rocket Infantries to tanks for their cost, traded off by no AA capacity, and the inverted version of that for AA-missile infantry. Change the missile range and DPM per unit if needed.
7. Purpose of two varying heavy tanks is unclear to me. Are 1Bs meant to take it and 2Bs to dish it out? Anything in tooltips about that?
8. Chemical infantry seems quite close to flamethrowers. Maybe Chems should be a direct upgrade replacing the flamethrowers to avoid clutter?
9. Destroyer vs 2 Gunboats ends in perfect draw - all three ships get sunk. I propose to give Gunboats (and subs) an edge over Destroyers, and make Destroyers act mostly as AA ships.

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MialiciusMeowdini Creator
MialiciusMeowdini - - 36 comments

1. I should have fixed that by now.
2. Will add an overlay for this then.
3. As it turns out multiple ReloadAmmoPool on the same Aircraft unit doesnt work properly so it has been reverted to an 'classic' Heli that rearms on Helipad.
4. I would like to simply replace Behemoth Artillery with something else.
5. Ok, i will check this.
6. AA Infantry will get new weapon that has fast traveling rocket with increased rocket travel distance. ATGM will get increased attack range and probably +damage per shot.
7. Currently the Heavy Tank 1-B is just an economic alternative to HTNK, being slightly cheaper and with less Hitpoints. I do like your idea however and might make the 1-B version have increased Hitpoints, or atleast same as 3TNK.
8. Chem Trooper is pretty much "elite" Flamethrowers. The two kept seperate only because Chems use old-style flamespray weaponry that can attack only the cell next to them.
9. I would say that is working as intended. Destroyer is one tier higher unit than the Gunboat after all.

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