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50/50 between computer games and film. That's me. I wanna pitch movies as if they were computer games, and develop games as if they were movies. I've made a few mods for freeware games, and I'm a huge C&C fan. =)

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I don't blog

me_mantis Blog

Really, I don't. I post on forums.
Well, I do have one blog type thing, but I rarely update it (never heard that one before, eh?) It's about a movie project.
I post that I don't blog on about every site that wants me to blog. That's about it, right?

If you really want to know what's up, I'd check the forum I moderate - at Meteormods.com

Oh, and I believe in God... Cuz he hangs out with me lots. I mean, it's hard to not believe in him if you're me. =)

Also, check out my Mod: Ravagers of Time. ( Moddb.com ) It's pretty cool for a game. Here's a gameplay Video.

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