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Iam just "ordinary" kid/teenage and i become Zeebo fanboy,great console with future many ports of games and soon there will be Street Fighter Alpha on Zeebo...Also i have my own small humble mod that changes C-evo a bit and i also giving suggestion to NETSOFTWARE and they accepted few ideas and they maybe or probavly make few games upon my idea also i suggested that they make a game for Zeebo! So thats all for now...

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My mod...

Luka_Grunt Blog

I have my second mod...I abbandoned my first mod...

I have my dev group and two members,well not in moddb but outside...wz2100 forum!

The progress is slow but average...results come soon as we "cum" from happines of new things for our mod!

I hope i will finish it and my friends macuser and brian are helping me to finish the mod.

Iam so happy :D

Zeebo - Review by Luka_Grunt

Luka_Grunt Blog 2 comments
-Note- because it wasnt processed yet i just post this blog and fck lazy admins,iam deleting my news/review....and i now posted in this blog!

Ladies and Gentlemen i present you from South America,the new 7th generation console: Zeebo !!!

Brasilian TV Commercial Video:

Zeebo"s development started in 2008 by an Mexican company Zeebo Incorporated and finished in 2009!

It was first released in 2009 in Brasil and Tec Toy produced them and first price was R$499-(250USD),
It had already games when it was in development and production and it interested soem companies.
Those companies was ID Software,EA,Namco,Activision and many other, then invested into Zeebo while it was in development and while most of the mobile games was exchanged because controls on Z-pads...

After release and the same year when it was released the Zeebo price lowered to 399 and last time was reduced in Brasil to R$299 or 165USD.When it was launced on November in 2009 in Mexico first price was 2500 pesos or 205USD and later it was lowered to 2249 pesos or 184USD and it dint changed...

Zeebo system specifications are not high technology as other 7th generation consoles and Zeebo is weaker then Wii but it has lower price then PS2 and Wii,Zeebo was probavly first South American 7th generation console in South America,even if some or most people say that graphic are bad and that console is bad, well that is not true at all. Zeebo has decent quality and many features that arent standard for any console of 7th generation....

Addons for - Zeebo
Z-pad is a normal pad that you get with Zeebo.
Boomerang is a special joystick with accelerometer so its like we but difrient!
Keyboard for Zeebo is only avalible in Mexico and it uses for Social networks but internet is limited.

OS/Games - Zeebo
Zeebo has BREW "OS" system and it runs games and you can check your Z-credits !
Zeebo"s games are mostly ports and remakes and rarely something new excet Zeebo Extreme.

Download/Network - Games
Zeebo is not using DVD,CD,Floopy or even Tapes it uses 3/2.5/2G network to download games and updates for "OS" and games so there are bug fixes but also news or something.

Zeebo Games -J2ME
Zeebo games are in J2ME and that means that games are made in JAVA code in .jar format and its mostly used for mobile/cell phone games and takes small spaces in Zeebo"s 1gb NAND flash...

Best Games For - Zeebo
Zeebo has some games that it would probavly suprise you even if it has weak system specification:
Quake 1,Quake 2,Resident Evil 4,Rally Master Pro,Galaxy On Fire,FIFA 09,NSF-Carbon:Own The City...


Zeebo - Piracy
Piracy on Zeebo is not posible in anyway, because you can only download the game from 3/2.5/2G network trought special Zeebo system for buying games and you cant put any game if is not recorded that you buyed that game and its always connected to Zeebo Network!

Numbers Of Games Avalible on Zeebo
For now about 40 to 50 and if soon some great games got released for Zeebo and mostly ports of great games then there will be about 60 or 61 games.

Zeebo and AT&T
Zeebo signed contract with AT&T and it will allow a lot faster spreading of Zeebo console and better services!

Best Future Games on Zeebo:
Iron Sight and Armagedon Squadron

My opinion about Zeebo:
Zeebo is a good console even it has no high tech but its betwen PS1 and PS2 also its first South American 7th generation console and Zeebo Incorporateds first console ever and it uses just mobile chips so it saves energy and other things, there are alot of things!


Interesting video that came out about a year before release of Zeebo !

Good quality,cheap,not heavy,downloading games,no piracy,adaptable to from 2G to 3G network
Mostly ports,No multiplayer,Uncompatibility with some TVs,Price in Mexico,Only Social Networks in Mexico...

NOTE: Most of people would give 1 point because they want high tech graphic -_-

Score: 8.5(Close to Legendary)

PS: Street Fighter Alpha is coming to Zeebo !!

Zeebo - Succes Or Fail ?!? o.0

Luka_Grunt Blog 3 comments

I discovered one interesting console, its Zeebo and its first console of Zeebo incorporated...

The creation of this console was for about one or two years after final version and many companies like ID software,Namco,EA and many other companies wanted to publish games so Zeebo will have many games in next years if the interest comes and if there will be a world wide console!


Zeebo is an special console, it uses BREW for the "OS" and it plays only JAVA games...
It dosent use catriges or discs, it uses 3G,2.5G and 2G network if needed to download some java games.
Zeebo has about 30 to 50 games and its currently in Brasil and Mexico but in future it will be in India and Russia also by 2011 it will be in China but there is posibility if AT&T makes contract with ZeeboINC and maybe it will come in North America,Australia,Europe and Asia in the way that it will be probavly avalible in most countries of the world!

If Zeebo makes a contract with AT&T then if you got a Zeebo and you are using 3,2.5 and 2G network you will not have costs of downloading contest but you will still pay some games and the list of new games to buy and download will be bigger...

The console costed about 250$ at beggining becuase it was new and they dint know who will buy this console but after some time the price has gone been lower and its now 100-150$ and PS2 was more expensive then Zeebo at beggining and it was the same price as Wii at that time...

Due tehnical limitations there arent much new games,mostly ports and versions for this console but there are some good old clasics and some cool games!

MUST PLAY: Quake 1,Quake 2,RE4,FIFA 09Tekken 2 and Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D
MUST BUY : Rally Master Pro,Galaxy On Fire and Crash and NFS:Own The City(AKA Carbon)

Watch this video:

Even its the first Zeebo Incorporated console and lacks of some features and other things but its they first console and atleast they dint make most of mistakes that has made by SEGA !

But even if it got some great games there are some bad games but due limitations and most of people do not know whats Zeebo and due slow expanding to other countries it may fail and by stronger consoles it will slowly die or in Asia it will be crushed by bad copies of Zeebo that will suck and chinese stuff will rule the world and one super low quality nuke will explode because some dude touched the top of the head and huge big Kaabbooooooommmmmmm...

Well i hope that they will make a stronger version and that upgrades will be minor and that we will pay small price for upgrading the console :D

Zeebo system specifications:

  • ARM11 / QDSP-5 running at 528Mhz
  • ATI Imageon (renamed to Adreno by Qualcomm after buying ATIs Imageon Designteam & Chipdesign)
  • 1 GByte NAND Flash
  • 160 MB RAM, 128 MB DDR SDRAM + 32 MB stacked DDR SDRAM in MSM7201A
  • VGA (640 x 480) – 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 3G (scaling back to 2.5G or 2G where necessary)
  • 3 USB ports 2.0 Standard A (for accessories)
  • SD Card Slot / Interface
  • Interface: USB HID
  • Power: AC adapter 5V 3A
  • Consumption: 15 W max.
  • Graphics: 4 million triangles / second
  • Audio: 8 channels simultaneous MP3, ADPCM, MIDI
  • Resolution: 640x480
  • Size: W x D x H – 157 x 215.4 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Sensitivity: <- 106 dBm (in UMTS)

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
  • Humidity: 95% (40°C / 104°F)

I hope that there will be many ports of old games from PC and maybe Half Life 1, its actualy posible because an very old game and with javas posibilities without losing much quality and good file size compression it will rock in one way. Hitman Codename 47 is posible if they remove ragdoll if that reduces performance :D

Half Life system requirments:

  • Pentium 133 MHz
  • 24 MB RAM
  • Windows 95/98/NT4
  • SVGA video card
  • Windows-compatible sound card
  • 2x CD-ROM drive
  • 400 MB hard-disk space.


  • Pentium 166 MHz
  • 32 MB RAM
  • OpenGL- or DirectX-compatible 3D accelerator.

Hitman Codename 47 system requirments:

Minimum Requirements
PII 300
400MB hard drive space
3D accelerator with 12MB VRAM

Recommended Requirements

Pentium III or Athlon
128 MB hard-disk space
32 MB DirectX-compliant video card.

Thx if you read my second blog on my profile, comment it if you want !!

Lets Get Serious !

Luka_Grunt Blog

People, lets get serious!

Christmas is coming and we should get serious,buy miniguns,rocket launches,A bombs...
Also wish that there will be an alien invansion and that you alteast own minigun and rocket launcher.
Headless running people running toward you and having on both hands bombs and screaming and they dont have heads?Hell yea!

When people see Serious Santa Claus Sam they will run when he starts to put A-Rocket in his
A-launcher. People, when you see this scenario then please dig holes or you will get toasted.
Oh, i forgot...where is jingle bells? ;-S

Here it is!

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