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A professional composer and soundscape designer with a passion for providing great soundtracks at competitively low pricing.

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Hi there,
If you have stumbled across my page it means you are in need of a composer or you just happen to be overlooking the indie profiles.
I guess I should put something here, finally after five years,

Having worked on a few indie games I wanted to show you something that is a little outside of my comfort zone as a composer, I found this music a delight to create, truly disturbing in the utmost. My main forte is within classical thematics or (Main themes) as you may refer them. This was something new, a horror soundscape. I have loved horror since I was a little boy, ever since I was young enough to watch Nightmare on Elm street without parental permission. However it was not until recently that I found my self creating horror soundscapes. It's the dirty little parts of human imagination that create room for such vulgar creations, what if there was a boogey man hiding under your bed, and what are his actual intentions?
Such perceptions of the antagonist can only be revealed through music I have found. And so I have found a strange little home. From composing little ditties of fantasy to horror of the human mind. I like what I do, it's not the job I dreamed of, composing litanies of madness and death, but I sure as hell love doing it.
What is better than a player feeling spooked?
A player feeling completely and utterly helpless.
It is my job to deliver that final blow, to give them a comfortable atmosphere then shred it away so that the horrible comfort that they once sought is only a requiem to their further misgiving.

Put basically, player a little scared + truly heart felt horror theme = player that doesn't want to be here any-more. With the right gentle kiss of soundscape you can drive the player to madness. And that is what interests me now a days, taking the player to that utmost edge of insanity, where they feel helplessness and beggary conjoined. "Please game maker don't make me do this;" and that is where my job comes into play, to expand their helplessness, to further destroy what they thought was "the right thing to do" and leave them in a pit of "why did I do that?" or "was this choice correct?" In such instances provoked by a minor fourth or the devils choice, a minor fifth.
You really have to play with the player. And that is what I love so much about this, you devs create jump scares or unexpected surroundings and when you have "that sound" that just pushes the player a little further than they are comfortable,

That's my job, to pick up on the imagery and give the player a horrific experience,,,, or even worse, make them feel comfortable in their own horror.
Strangely I have found myself taking delight in doing this.

JamieMiller Creator
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