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I'm known as LitFam across the OG Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) community. I am 16 years old and my birthday is on December 27th. I've been around the community sense October 23, 2016. I have made a lot of mods in the past for OG SWBF II (2005) which can be found with a google search: litfams lost mods. They are all discontinued for many reasons. Expect a mod I started called “Star Wars: A New Frontier”, which I no longer work on, but is still being updated by my good friend, Calrissian97. I'm mostly active on Discord, but sometimes I pop in Mod DB once and a while. I prefer to get in touch through Discord and not Mod DB, if possible. My current mods for OG SWBF II (2005) include Star Wars Rebels aNd Star Wars: The Clone Wats Revised...

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It’s the time to reveal the project I mentioned a couple weeks back on Discord/Twitter. The mod for Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) is based off the TV series Star Wars Rebels for the Zero Studios team (The same team that made Star Wars: A New Frontier), currently the mod progress will be slow because there is only one user working on it currently as of Jan 27, 2019. Star Wars Rebels mod updates will be posted in #StarWarsRebels in the Discord server posted link posted below. The project will be handed to Calrissain97 once he is ready to assume the role of lead. I’m looking for experienced and new SWBF II (2005) modders to help on the project, but before applying please read the following google doc posted below in this post. If your interested after you read the document please send LitFam in Discord through a dm/pm for a text chat or voice chat interview to see if you are qualified to meet the standards of this new mod. You’ll need a good microphone for the voice chat interview if you choose voice chat (more of this will be explained in the google document link). I’m always happy to chat with new modders or existing modders. Please refer to this google document for the interview process in joining the mod team, information about the mod, and the mod team: Docs.google.com DO NOT VIEW THE GOOGLE DOCUMENT ON MOBILE PLEASE USE A PC FOR A BETTER VIEW.

Please do NOT dm/pm Calrissian97 with questions about Star Wars Rebels as he is currently busy with Star Wars: A New Frontier and his Naboo map. Instead please direct all questions in a dm/pm about the Rebels mod to LitFam and I’ll reply at my leisure.

I’m very excited to start working on a huge project again to interact with the SWBF II (2005) community. Join the Discord server for updates about the Rebels mod. ALL previous bans have been removed as the moderators of the Discord server feel forgiving and feel that everyone should be given a second chance because we are all human and we all make mistakes. The moderators can’t wait to see you all in the Discord.

A point someone pointed out to me what’s the point of joining a Discord server if you don’t know what it has to offer. The Discord server has much to offer now that it’s open to the public after months of building. It has a complex staff team that is committed to keeping the Discord server running soothly as possible. Staff members can host events at any time so keep watch ;) in the various text channels that are set up, a text channel 100% dedicated to the mobile app force arena which is shutting down that contains various screenshots of the legendary and unique units found in the game, various voice chat channels to support the communities needs from gaming, technical support, YouTuber/mod live streams. The Discord server also allows the self advertising of other mods! Modders can post there updates of their mod in #universal-Mod-updates and when the time comes to release their mod they can post the link to #mod-releases. Many fun and challenging roles to gain have been added by the moderators. Refer to #roles for all the available roles and how to earn them. Custom Emoji are being added by the moderators monthly. Here are some screenshot previews highlights the moderators wish to share of the Discord server:

A1057638 2301 4D1D B11F 5C056A9A

C9190FAD A0DD 4DCA 882B B001E17E

943B0B29 10AC 46D6 9CA1 EED497B3

DD99B29B 69FE 4861 B642 8AA40E7F

39AE3C43 5630 44D0 A53F 14C8411F

2E6FC86C AF83 49EB 84C6 C2D9D0DC

5F500589 7527 487B B261 29BB1D87

That ends this nightly blog post, thanks for reading!


Welcome to my friends list: LitFam

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