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Episode 3 of the video tutorial series on how to play Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest is out on YouTube!

In this episode we learn about card types and look at a card in detail, examining all of its parts.


This is the perfect time to learn how to play the game! We've just launched the game's free online beta version on a virtual tabletop called OCTGN, so anyone can join and play it!
You'll find all the details on how to do it

Hey, a new episode of Let's make a TCG is out on Youtube!

In this episode I show off the first ever piece of Multiverse TCG merchandise, discuss how I go about creating cards for Multiverse, as well as explain how I've been working towards fixing problems related to long and grindy games, talk about the latest changes to a few rules, show off Vasiliy's two new planet panoramas and their peculiar relation to one another, as well as the design of the six new color symbols. I also mention my latest appearence on my friend Connor Linning's podcast, the ConnorCast. Check it out on www.connorlinning.com or on www.youtube.com/ortmusic!!

Episode 12 of Let's Make a TCG is up on Youtube!

In this episode I show off Vasiliy's two new planet panoramas, discuss the latest developments in Multiverse's gameplay, explain the history behind the resource system and why it's so important, as well as show off the layout of a Multiverse card and more.

Episode 10 of let's make a trading card game is up on Youtube!
In this episode we organize a sealed event and test Multiverse's limited formats, try playing a 3-player game, I talk about luck in card games and show off some creature designs, a piece of card art, and the back of the card, as well as the logo for the game.More stuff to come this week =)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIRP-rwg1is&index=11&list=PLN90FCziF2neTMDut366IK6q7pJhkvaCP

Episode 9 is out!

Leandrotok Blog

Episode 9 of let's make a trading card game is up on Youtube!In this episode I explain the math involved in creating a draftable set of cards, explain what the 10 strategies in the set do and how they work, change how the "boarding" ability works again and show off concept art doodles.

Episode 7 of Let's make a trading card game is out on Youtube! What do YOU think the Mothership TCG should be called? Write your ideas in the comment section =D
In this episode we test the game with the more experienced crew, I reflect on some problems that need to be fixed, show off another awesome piece of art by Vasiliy, show off my plan for this semester, and discuss possible livestreams that may happen in the future.

Check out episode 6 of Let's make a traging card game!In this episode I talk about the aftermath of the first ever Mothership test session, have people over for a new test session, show off some awesome new artwork, attempt to create a data model to explain how the game works to programmers, and talk about the future kickstarter.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbDVxvgKpGk&index=6&list=PLN90FCziF2neTMDut366IK6q7pJhkvaCP

Yes! Finally the exams are over and I'm back at work on the Mothership TCG! In this episode I discuss the importance of common cards, explain my three main keywords, create basic templates for the cards, print them out and test the game for the first time in real life!

Episode 3 of "Let's make a trading card game" is out, and this time I'm not alone! My pal Vasilij joins the crew and makes some awesome card art, while I try to crack the formula on how to balance cards in the Mothership Youtube.com

Episode 2 of "Let's make a trading card game" is out on Youtube! This is turning out harder than I expected.
Youtube.com've been designing cards all week, and now I'm trying to organize by rarity, color, balancing them and making sure that they interact well with each other and are fun to play with. It's really a lot of work, and as soon as I come up with a mediocre set of cards I'm going to start testing. Not yet though, at this point it will be almost impossible to play the game as intended (not broken).I've also been thinking about the traditional rarity system that most TCG employ, and the more I've been thinking about it, the fewer points I can find to justify it. I'll probably talk more in-depth about it in the next episode.

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