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Professional Food Stylist & Food Photographer who is also a massive geek who has been gaming since the days of burnination. All the time Social Media Manager, sometimes Pixel Artist and Project Coordinator for Tagunda games. Newly certified by CalArts in Game Concept & Design.

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Torgar's Quest Pre-Release Announcement

The last round of public beta testing is over, and most of the changes are in. Torgar’s Quest is coming together fast, and we are busy working on the details now. There has been lots of bug fixes, balance tweaks and other adjustments as well, largely thanks to the feedback from the awesome testers.

Speaking of which, we’ve gone ahead and updated the Credits page, to list all the people who helped out with feedback.

Moving all the character info to the side panels was a major change from previous versions. Before, most of the info was displayed along the top and bottom of the screen, but this caused two major issues. For some translations, overlapping text happened where words were too long to display. Secondly, the tight margins at the top and bottom meant that players would sometimes accidentally walk into level exit. Moving everything to the sides fixed these issues, and as an added bonus, the play area is now squarer in appearance, and more closely resembles a retro screen.

Part of this move included a redesign of how crystal shards are displayed. Previously, a line of shard icons would appear, indicating how many shards you had found. This was replaced with an outline of the fully assembled crystal, which now fills in as shards are found. It looks much nicer, and adds a better sense of progress.

Pre-release is where the last few ends are tied up. It’s where focus shifts towards getting the launch ready, getting the word out, putting marketing materials together. Right now, a trailer is in the works! Expect further updates, as we have more to share.

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