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We are a small entertainment developer from Germany. We are currently working on a challenging colour-based game in an alien world with living architecture.

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Another bit of time has gone by ever so fast.

Since our game will be in 3D I decided last week to ignore all 2D concepts for a while and just started to experiment and play around in Unity and Blender. It was a fun and satisfying experience and the results are interesting. I realised that one part of creating games that is very important to me is being able to test out things myself without having to wait on someone else to render my ideas. Of course my skills are sub-par compared to those of our 3D expert but I think my simple attempts will enable me to explain better what I need and want. My favorite of these is the totally unintentional glitch with the caterpillars all connect by weird spikes. I think I want some of that in the release version. I also like the one with the big face is the background even though that one is probably totally unfit regarding level design (not enough overview over the puzzle).

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jumpsuit entertainment

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Founded 2014. Jumpsuit Entertainment is currently developing a challenging colour-based puzzle game.

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