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Taro Omiya is an all-in-one talent: community organizer, game developer, and game designer. On work hours, he is the co-founder and executive director of the Tech Valley Game Space, one of the largest non-profit game development community in the Capital Region of New York. He leads, educates, mentors, and conduct events ranging from networking events with professionals to game jams and lessons. On weekends, he’s the sole developer who founded Omiya Games, an experimental indie studio that creates award-winning game jam games, including first-place winner of Ludum Dare 37’s innovation category, The Recursive Dollhouse and first-place overall winner of Bacon Game Jam, Suddenly, Thousands. His tools-of-choice are Unity, C#, and bits of Godot 3, Photoshop, and Blender. His game jam projects are often open-source projects; his repositories can be found on his BitBucket and GitHub page.


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