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Wayward Terran Frontier

Game review - 1 agree

So good this has custom ships! You can make ships of bacon :D

First thing in this game you can explore vast galaxies I think they are infinite the size is just so big last time I was destroyed by a huge ship that can rip through my hull like a Gatling gun ripping through cardboard I really enjoy this. So far the building etc is just so cool!

Good game at the moment Goodluck developers!


UnReal World

Game review - 4 agree

Easily my most favourite survival game its lovely if you like survival games get this now!

I played over 100 hours of this and im not bored its endless!


Heroes of a Broken Land

Game review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

This game brings that retro style back I loved games like this and its rare to find awesome stuff like this!

Its enjoyable fun and just so impressive for a unity game. This game is hard when it gets to some parts like the rat plague which is the most hardest event created rare but difficult the only bug I have saw is when my character looses more health than they should.

I like this game mostly because the gameplay is awesome but there is barely any tips In game to help to know where stuff is (but its in beta/alpha) But still if it never said beta I would have never noticed it was in beta/alpha state its that awesome!

I came across some great games in 3 days! I found hobl and it was really fun!

Thanks for making a game that brings back the awesome gameplay of 1980-1998 style games!


Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle

Game review

This game is beautify crafted full stop.
I think this is a great game I love the graphics it reminds me of shining force 2.

I gave this a 9/10 but not a 10 because theres a few very annoying bugs like going into a portal will crash the game but otherwise it a 10!



Game review - 3 disagree

Yes its in alpha yes its not finished but now there is some bugs the developer is currently updating the title screen adding options and stuff i like the game the graphics are awesome gameplay not so good i cant find enemys or anything to fight i fall through the map there is countless bugs but its well crafted a great idea of a sandbox thats not made of blocks but its so annyoing to build.

overall its a great game but i feels like im cheating with the spawning in stuff.



Game review - 1 agree

Omg looks really cool finally a decent game! i understand people think its a ripoff of minecraft well yea its got blocks i cant wait for this make sure the alpha is out soon! if so message me!



Engine review

The Best Engine ever that i know you have to put lots more work into this than something like UDK i hate it to be easy its just boring but unity brings my ideas to life and i can do and create how i like there is no limit!



Game review

By far a great game its a must by I loved this game on xbox and I hope I get it on pc soon!