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I am in partnership and co/owner of that company we create video games we recently started on our newest creation a beta test will be released soon!

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My company is almost done with are new upcoming game to be released ( Fu3k Developments ) and we were wondering how do we upload or what is the process. How long will it take? ETC.

The game we are making!
It is a platformer which it is like a stick war game it will be pretty cool it is one of are first games to our game project we are almost done! there will be boss's and mabye a level up system when we release it will be in Beta and when were complete with it we will do a full release update

THIS GAME IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know a definite date but it will be released in the next month or two!

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Fu3k Developments

Fu3k Developments

1 member Developer & Publisher

We are a young group of developers trying to make games mst will be free or be low on cost!!!

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