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Currently joint owner of Virtual Static & Developer at Wolfpack-manor. As a long time level designer I've had control of a lot of game play/storyline impact and total director control in the past and covered a great deal of game styles. Now I'l put those skills to use to assist The Old World in anyway I can and further the development of games under the Team. I go by the alias's Ironstorm/Ironstrom and Winterspirit in my level design. [TOW]KU-KO on steam

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Shinigami Incarnate - Music Teaser

ironstrom Blog

what's new in ironstrom land you say? well actually I prefer the name ironstorm but lets leave that for when I'm rich and famous ? I can always hope right?

Current Project

I've not mentioned it before I'm now working on Shinigami Incarnate a sidescroller adventure action game set in a feudal Japanese setting with mythological creatures. Using the story of Izanami and Izanagi as a foundry for several key game play components.

There's not much publicly available about it on Indiedb right now but we'l soon rectify that! There is however a old build of the game shown in video form and was presented at the previous gamescom.
Please check us out and follow us Indiedb.com
Note this game is currently set for PC & WiiU release *subject to change*

This week I also wanted to give you guys a sneak preview of some music for the prologue of the game its a really uplifting piece see what you think and give us a response or comment on sound cloud !
If you like what you hear or would like to hear more from our music composer then check out his bandcamp Cysmix.bandcamp.com or twitter Twitter.com - Cysmix

Twitter.com - Ironstrom
Twitter.com - Synoptic ( The studio/Team behind Shinigami Incarnate)

The Old World - Pixel Creature Designer

ironstrom Blog

The previous blog post mentioned are inability to find a pixel artist but a few weeks back we saw suddenly a lot more interest with to many pixel artist's contacting us to handle we didn't get to try everyone out but I was pretty happy with this pixel artist Nebelstern.deviantart.com
They've done a few monster designs for us that we'l probably be featuring on our kickstarter/crowdfunding wherever we plan to go.
With our current situation gradually getting better we feel like if we were to receive funding for the artwork we could go into testing shortly afterwards. We haven't yet approached crowd funding because we advance contacted sites like GOG just encase we had other options. We also have investor options but the next investor meet up is 2 1/2 months away and we could be making so much progress if we had funding sooner.

At any rate be sure to check us out at Indiedb.com for the latest new's we'd love to be able to sell on Desura if given the chance, indiedb has been a great site for us and we'd love to continue supporting them in the way that they support us.

Or you can hit us up on twitter.

We've also had some ever increasing request to test our game out we're working on it we'd just like the visuals to be in place rather then you fighting several of the same entities/placeholder's and trying to figure out what you actually fighting.

The Old World: Still looking for pixel Artist

ironstrom Blog

So this week we're lucky enough to see and update on our game "The Old World" Indiedb.com
It's been a while since the last new's post, well long enough that someone questioned wherever we were still in development. But that happens when people don't read the tweet's and comments :D
Last blog post I mentioned multiplayer internal stress testing. Well that's swimming along smoothly now with details on the post itself.

In other new's I spoke to Kevin Saunders from Tides of Numeria breifly 2 nights ago ago in regards to Last of Humanity's kickstarter. The orgional date planned was the 4th of July but we've been constantly pushed back in the goal to perfect it. To be honest I'm not sure if we're throwing to much information at the viewer at once. One major issue to answer though is what people want to give us cash for on a F2P game model ?

Back The Old World I've emailed a great deal of pixel artist's and had them try out our style etc I didn't find them on this site mostly on pixeljoint etc. But really non of them were cut out, there were inconsistency's in styles and perspective's which is a big no no. Maybe we need to start looking towards the indiedb community for a pixel artist that would be interested in working with us.

The Old World Status and Discovery

ironstrom Blog

So in The old world this week. That's this game Indiedb.com if you didn't know otherwise.
We've been working on multiplayer stress testing. I know we haven't updated the main page lately but we're working on a new video to show the changes. We currently prefer the chunkier development updates on our project, At least until we have a community version.
We're still earnestly looking for a pixel artist that would like to join us for the long haul but otherwise we have plenty of those interested in earning a wage on the project. If only we could afford it *roll eyes*

Also whilst looking into our bump up the Google search engine under our main website Virtualstatic.com
We discovered under our site analytics's that we had received a lot of traffic from the website Watchsurvival.blogspot.co.uk
So thanks Zargo for putting us up there and giving us a helping hand.

Zombie MMO FPS

ironstrom Blog

I recently joined the team over at Wolfpack-manor
They're working on a Zombie MMO FPS

It does something interesting things for one it doesn't start out " end of the world" but becomes it over time so you get to witness the changing events yourself.

It doesn't use re spawning resource mechanics which is awesome. Cause it means you'l have to search further and wider each time. Keep track of where you've been; putting yourself at more risk as you scavenge in area's you don't have proper knowledge of.

Well I don't want to write it all here but this is some great food for thought so go on guys check it out let them know we're interested.

Found here: Indiedb.com

The 1st Blog

ironstrom Blog

Well I managed to do like 20 deviant Art blogs over the course of 3 and half years so why not make my blog happen here for a while.
Lets see what's a topic to hit on first I suppose I'l hit on what I do with the old world and what I don't do but cry about in the dark.
So I do some form of pixel art but I also like using brushes in pixel art I work in Sai and in production of sprites to use in TOW there is normally a 10 part phase process where at part 1 it starts off to detailed for the atmosphere of the game and part 10 is where its ok. I've never really covered sprite art much before I started out my art works about 3 years ago into anime art sketches the vast majority of stuff I have on-line are 10 minute productions with a few exceptions. Saying this its a weird learning experience.

Besides from the art influences I have evil in the ear devil on the shoulder influences on the creative idea's of TOW ok not that weird but there's a fair bit of conversing.
I'm not coding on the project although I have about 6-8 years of coding experience and I'm currently a computer science 2nd year student at uni looking into games engine design.
I do handle quite a few other things like general marketing and advertising, atm I'm somewhat of a streamer also: Twitch.tv

Suffice to say I've done alot of level design in my past normally for my own entertainment or for other people wanting artistic presentation in level design, that is probably one of my life's greatest joy's and I hope to be able to influence anything the team does in the future with my level/scenery concept theme's

Hopefully this 1st blog will cover some of what I hope to be/do and will be reasonble enough until the next blog.

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