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So yeah, that's it.

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Some Shit V3

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Well look at that, it's been another two years already. Yikes.

Alright well a little bit of a reflection time then I suppose. In the past two years I have released my companies second game on Steam, put out no new updates to Angels That Kill and have begun working on a third commercial title. A new car is also in order, so I went from driving a 28 year old run down bucket to driving a 18 year old run down bucket, hell yeah.

E3 is around the corner and it is a possibility that we will attend, but just like PAX South, who really knows.

Angels That Kill should get its final update here soon and then we can focus on improving Slave RPG a bit more until the announcement of the next one.

I really want to make a multiplayer game.

Thank you guys for all of the support, and have a baller day!

Some Shit V2

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Well hot damn ladies and germs it sure has been a whopping two years since I used this bog kindly provided by IndieDB.

I doubt many people read or really care, but I like the ability to just say things that I can read back on in another two years while I'm working on another project. I currently uploaded the page for my latest game, slave RPG, here on IndieDB and on my companies website here. Other than that I just have been living the college life with virtually no money and driving a nearly broken down 28 year old car, go me.

Also never went to PAX as previously indicated by the last blog post, but one of these days Alice, BANG, ZOOM! Straight to PAX South with the cheapest booth!

Hopefully though we can put up a demo beta for slave RPG relatively soon.

Thank you guys for all of the support, and have a baller day!

Some Shit V1

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Man I have not used this blog in a while, well here goes nothing.

Angels That Kill is coming along nicely and everything is right on schedule, hopefully this continues and the public demo will be released on October 25, 2015. It will come out on here, on Steam, and on the main game website.

The demo will include the first chapter of the game as well as the soundtrack, the soundtrack alone can be downloaded here and on the main game website. It can be downloaded on Steam as well, but there it is linked to the main game as DLC, so you would have to own Angels That Kill to own the soundtrack. Here and on the main website it is independent of owning the game.

If things continue how we have planned, we should be able to go to PAX South as well in January, but we will still have to see about that.

Thank you guys for all of the support, and have a baller day!