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Invader Studios S.r.l. it’s an italian independent software house. Located in the Roman countryside, the company was officially founded on July 2016. Invader Studios was born from a group of friends and professionals bound by creativity and common ideas, as well as being united by the passion of the survival horror genre (in particular, Resident Evil games). Invader Studios shot to prominance with their huge labour of love project, Resident Evil 2 Unofficial Remake, recreating the entirety of Resident Evil 2 in the Unreal Engine 4 as a 90’s celebration and a gift for all the fans of this absolute landmark of the survival horror genre. Following the incredible success the team of Invader Studios was honored to have received an extremely exclusive invitation from Capcom Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. The team is currently working on a new IP, a survival horror story driven game titled DAYMARE: 1998 and expected on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in mid 2018.


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