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There's a long and storied history behind my choice in large coats. It's because they're the best. I'm presently plugging away at FlyShootTrade, a Shmup RPG that's steadily marching toward completion.

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Latest tweets from @iambigcoat

Being 'full of shit' is apparently an actual medical condition of some concern.

Jul 26 2017

"It'd be great if @steam_games had a multiple install feature." -Me moments before trying and succeeding to install multiple things at once.

Feb 23 2017

Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy this smooth jam by @ninjasexparty Youtube.com

Feb 14 2017

On that note, game progress is at a yearly high! We got PLANETARY CONNECTIONS VISIBLE ON THE MAP. WE GOT MAP SCROLL. WE GOT [harmonica solo]

Feb 4 2017

Not dead, busy. Not busy with game. Busy weeks. Months. Year. It has been almost a year since I updated the blog. Still no title screen.

Feb 4 2017

New computer. Got my #gamedev environment set up. Got my beautiful, smooth-running modern games installed. Better play some #DwarfFortress.

Oct 23 2016

Remove one now-useless line of code. Lose all performance problems on the map screen. Well alright then. I'll take it. #indiedev #gamedev

Sep 30 2016

That moment when you realize your plan for tackling large problems is indistinguishable from how you play Dwarf Fortress.

Sep 28 2016