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Daniel Barreno, founder and programmer of the title, began to develop this video game with the initial idea to create something different, an unusual story with a cast of grotesque characters and a host of ridiculous and extravagant situations. It wasn't until a few moths after the game began its development that the artistic part passed into the hands of Isabel Armentero. Together they founded the studio 'Hungry Pixel' and are currently working side by side to bring NetherWorld to life.

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NetherWorld is on Kickstarter!

HungryPixel Blog

After months of hard working... Our game NetherWorld is on Kickstarter!!


NetherWorld is about a black odd jellyfish who is abandoned by BLA BLA BLA quirky characters.

Yes, it's weird... but cool. Check out our Kickstarter campaing!

Thanks to all :)

NetherWorld Announcement

HungryPixel Blog

Here we have NetherWorld, we will be happy to hear your opinions.

NetherWorld is a horizontal side-scrolling action game, where character development, dialogues and narrative have a special role.

Immerse yourself in a sinister world, explore the world, make friends (or enemies) fight against grotesque bosses or drink a coffee in the town's bar.

You lead a quiet life, have a beautiful house and plans to form a family, you are living NetherWorld dream. One day your wife decides to leave you, probably to ends up with a creature with longer tentacles than you. You decideto go out searching of the help of alcohol, drugs and sex. Soon you will be involved in a deep story with an charming cast of characters.

Most of the combats will be against epic final bosses, each one with totally diferent mechanics.In NetherWorld you won't find two similar combats, each boss will have his unique behaviour. This will lead us to situations where you will need to leave our weapons and use the environment or just run away. (Like Shadow of the Colossus with bigger pixels and more tentacles.)

Soldier, subscribe to our mailing list, the empire needs you.

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