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Wow, first there was Penumbra series I was so excited to start playing those.. played all the series and love it. Then frictional released Amnesia which was super-exciting, thrilling, amazing and one of the most nerve-wracking experiences I ever felt in my whole life and this continued years, because people created so original and unique mods and used different experiences, things and I played those over nearly 1000 stories from beginning to an end. What a gem amnesia still is.

Then.. SOMA was released! I watched every freaking trailer and I loved how different this is going to be and IT IS. First couple hours I feeled the atmosphere how unique it was and when I was progressing even further then everything feeled I wasn't alone and I was really scared at this point. FG manages again to make something so scary I never expected to fear that much in some areas where enemies were lurking and walking slowly. This game has so nerve-wracking moments too and unpredictable moments I never expected, I hided too many times in a corner and weeped like a bitch it was that SCARY. I applaud FG again, because they did it again and I ******* my pants literally too many times. I loved so much that design and how every underwater part was maded all the chases, intense moments, puzzles and that story with Catherine and working together and figuring everything out, how we come to this? How we espace? and all the other mystery questions waiting to reveal.

Monsters are really terrifying and that "Scary effect" when screen is tearing it was really good idea to put that and make something different and not using same bluriness what Amnesia has when enemy is too close.

I never been more sucked-in story what this game is, it's beautiful, it's depressing at times, really sad and player really can feel the sorrow, but still brave enough to continue it and end it all.


- Story
- Music
- Monsters (really scary ones too)
- Atmosphere
- Intense and terrifying chases
- Puzzles (really challenging ones too)
- Complicated map design which is awesome and unique
- Never expected and nerve-wracking moments


- Sometimes I got FPS drops and not smoothly gameplay (average 40-50 fps)
- Maybe little longer it felt short after all

Amazing work Frictional again! This team got so much potential I'm eager to wait what they will create next! I'm proud to be long-time Fricitional fan and I always will be! Fantastic!

Amazing ride with new things and unique approaches - 10/10


Five Nights at Freddy's

Game review may contain spoilers

This is actually my first Indie horror review, so I try to keep it short for now.

Damn, this game get's me everytime!

I only have passed two nights and I'm hooked, problem is I just can't play this at night, simple reason is: I can't! It's that damn horrifying and scares the s**t out of me every time now I play it!

I wanna applause to the creator, he maanaged to make a really truly small horror-gem which is really unique, never-seen this kind of horror before.

At first I was like "Lol, there are just toys", but at night there are scary as fu*k, I can't explain how I feel when there are closing, the tension is just genius, when you are getting paranoid and just nervous all the time! And the worst moments is when the time comes and BAM you are dead. This is the genius point of this game. Bravo, creator!

One of the heart-pounding games I ever played, literally scariest out there.

Play more and scarier and paranoia this game gets - 10/10


Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Game review may contain spoilers - 2 agree - 2 disagree

These are my four strongest points of the game.


I liked how everything starts, but later on it becomes even scarier, when you read the notes about rising piggies and you reveal more secrets later on, but! I was disappointed when you can see dead childrens and then vanished and you already know there were dead already?! That was quite annoying imo and maded me little angry and story really lacks sometimes a lot. Overall it was still great adventure to go through.


Gameplay was pretty intense and actually liked that you don't need any tinderboxes or oil to fuel up your lantern and wondering most of the time in the darkness, but still I think it lacks and was kind of lame and unrealistic to play this way. When I reached first puzzles I was disappointed again.. because this game didn't have that inventory and it ruined completely "challenging puzzles part" for me. Still, I liked play this way now and it was more faster to progress, but I hope next installment doesn't have "removed inventory, never-ending lantern and so on.

Map Design:

I was really impressed how whole game was designed, so much rooms to explore and search stuff... Umm nope. Because of the "disabled inventory" blah. Well.. still map design was impressive, magnificent and really loved to see "Amnesia TDD assets" here aswell and looked how much they used those assets too. Outside enviroments were really great, streets and everything, really put effort on those. Overall this was one of the strongest point of the game.


Well.. What I can say? This was one of the greatest atmospheres I ever played through, okay there are couple maps they don't fit at all and ruins sometimes, but overall really good executed and I was literally cringing because of the atmosphere is so great in this game. Enough said.

8/10 - Really terrifying and succesful horror game after TDD

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