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Level designer and mad bomber in Ohio.

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Update 2

harvey_soft Blog

New stuff! New members to the team, Plot ideas and gun ideas!

  • 100-200 years in the future
  • Humans vs. humanoids?
  • humans guns industrial and using modern gun design structure
  • humanoids more tech savy.

We're having great luck and great talent coming in, im pumped. More bloggering tomorrow!

- John

project: combined blue storm. Update 1

harvey_soft Blog

Now there are three of us. Another mapper and a writer, and maybe another writer. And new ideas have hit the thread.

  • Singleplayer and multiplayer are the same thing.
  • futuristic setting
  • Maybe a player customazation?

Keep watching, Im going to update whenever something else big happens. This game WILL change the world.

Officially Starting.

harvey_soft Blog

Officially starting C:PD , still needs a new name. Im worried more about getting people to accept it, it seems others want it to be a mod. Sure i love mods, but this is destined to be a game, and Nothing less. Although, of course, i need help to make that a reality. i of course am very poor... so i cant pay...
Im still going to try.

Thanks for listening,

My new Project.

harvey_soft Blog

Alright, i know iv failed at this before, but \not this time. I am officially Moving from FPSC to UDK. And its a move thats long, long overdue.
However, I am no good at med-high poly modeling, coding/prgramming, texturing.
i Am very good at level design and can probably do concept art alright.
and my new project, Will need a team of at least one or two of each type of designer.... so yeah i am in dire need of help. Unfortunatly, it would be unpaid help. Although i have an idea how we could get paid, its not a for sure and i dont want to post how, so pm if you are interested.
please only serious Devs only.

here's the link to my concepts thread: Moddb.com

(AKA- Harvey656)

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