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Hajas is Freddy Hajas. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm a graduated System Analyst and Programmer for a long time. I really love to programming since I was a kid with my MSX Computer. On my free time aside the normal stuff as friends, wife and play my soccer like any real brazilian, I also have more two passions, music and games. About music you should check www.hajas.org, and the site www.mods.hajas.org is about my love for games, not only for playing them, but also to create or modding to make them even more fun. But my focus isn't much common in mod community, instead of focus on the graphics like 99% of the modders around, I'm dedicated to the gameplay which IMO is missing and disappointing in the last releases in the game industry. I'm always changing the games to make them harder for please hardcore players like myself, giving a new balance and creating brand new features and gametypes never saw before in the games. Many of them already copied in the mainstream releases.

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Mod of the Year Awards

Call of Duty Frontlines is running for the Best MOD of the Year 2018. If you like Frontlines please take few seconds to vote in the link above!

Thank you VERY MUCH! :D

Can you afford to buy a beer or a fancy cup of coffee without worrying about your budget? If so, consider buying me one to support my work, and specially keep doing it.

Thank you!

I found this only yesterday, was released in 2011 by a Spanish Frontlines Clan.

Frontlines ClanNoEsPossible Spain

Thank you for the kind words about me and my work. Gracias! :D

After more than 20 years of experience in Playing and Developing FPS games Spawn Camping always was an annoying issue. Many mods simply put a protection for some seconds which may cause gameplay problems. Even the Spawn Protection of Frontlines released in 2008 (Youtu.be) which fixed the spawn killing in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare wasn't a perfect system like this brand new one.


Hajas M0Ds @ www.mods.hajas.org
Blood Culture@ www.BloodCulture.com.br

COD4 Frontlines R3L04D

A brand new version of Frontlines is coming this year! Will be EPIC as always!

All FPS games have Spawn Camping problems.

Mainly because if you just protect the player which has just respawned will hurt the gameplay and in a way will punish the player which have his merit of advance accross the enemy battlefield to accomplish his objective.

Because of that problem, almost no one FPS game have any spawn protection to avoid immortal players respawning in front of players that did the most difficult job, attack.

To fix that I made the player which was shot immediately after respawn be teleported to another random spawnpoint away from the spawn killing.

Made that without harming any of the players, the one which is attacking can move on since eliminated the enemy threat and the one which just respawned will not die and will not need to wait another respawn and the one which just respawned will not die and will not need to wait another respawn because he is teleported, so he already respawned and is in the game.

Hello my friends,

If you didn't know yet I'm with a newborn child aside a big maintance in my home, which is giving almost ZERO free time for anything, but I'm freaking happy to be a father.

Since the start of times I always used to help anyone with my mods giving personal help for hours and hours, using FTP, uploading/download files, fixing problems on your servers, testing several stuff that even were made by myself, etc, etc & etc.

Unfortunately this is over.

All the info that you need to use my MODs and setup servers are available in the docs of each mod and in my help forums, and you will not need my personal help since my mods are bug free.

If even after read everything and you still need my help, you will still be able to ask me but will not be for free. I will ask for you to make a donation of US$10 to my paypal account to make me listen to your problem and point you the solution. If you want to let me do all the work for you, I'll request a compatible price for the work needed.

Hope you all will understand my priorities at this point in my life, specially that I did what I did for decades for free, only for the love of gaming.


There's already few years that many PC games are beeing mutilated to avoid piracy while seams take no effect against the pirates over the internet.

They claim that must remove the LAN play to avoid people to play over Hamachi or Garena for exemple, some are removing the dedicated servers, or until the option to create your own server to play in the way you want and with who you want to invite.

There's also the need to login into a online account to play and some games even request that to save your game state, amazing think that all that start with the need of the install key and the original CD on the computer to play which were already a pain in the ass but compared to today we were in heaven and didn't notice the hell what was coming.

To get worst now we have many kinds of "rent" games, like Steam that aside you buy it and download at your own account you can't resell or even trade with your friends it if you get tired of this game.

Other onlines stores give you just few tries to install the game and until check your PC and if you for exemple simply upgrade your VGA then your game will not work anymore claiming that you are installing in another computer, but today is a lot normal people have more than one computer.

We have also LIVE which we need to pay to be able to play our game that we already bought at a very high price! And we will need to keep paying while we want to play online and while they want to support the game, when they decide is enough you simply can't play anymore.

C'mon, is that serious? Are these companies really thinking they are attacking the pirates here? For SURE not!

All that only affect the devoted gamers which buy the games all over these years and each day is getting harder and harder to simply play the games we bought on the stores, without be unhappy to simply can't play anymore with family and friends at home or at a LAN party.

Since the age when we bought the old monopoly table game, a game is made to play with someone else! We don't need to buy one monopoly to EACH player that want to play with us, why the hell we need to buy so many copies of the same game to play among family/friends at home?

That's ok request a unique key to each player to play online, but at home? This don't make any sense! Then of course the companies will say "To avoid play online with a VPN software like hamachi! bla bla bla!" and then what? Who really play like that? Or are closed friends playing some coop or something to have fun or will have a really bad experience!

Because theses games needs a good number of players to be fun, and who play just like that online play in really very bad home servers, which don't allow many players and lags like hell...

If they start to like it they will buy a legit game (if he does't already have it) to be able to play in the large and good servers around the net, or they will be stuck in that horrible gameplay forever, let them die like that... will not make any difference to the game companies or the real gamers, these kind of people will NEVER buy anything, so doing this the companies only can get the real gamers upset.

I have over 500 original PC games in my collection, over 30 games installed in each of my 6 computers in my home which I love to play with my family and friends, and day by day I'm seeing my beloved way to have fun beeing destroyed by all these stupid "anti-piracy methods" which made me start to think over the last year if I will really keep buying those games if I need to buy so many copies, and still need the EA server online to play NFS, also pay more for DLC to get more stuff for the incomplete and buggy game that I bought and still not able to play in LAN at home with who the hell I want and when I want, without the need to depending my fun of a service that I really don't need!

We all know someone that don't buy any software, and of course I have many friends that only play with pirated games, and when I compared myself with then now and sincerely they are alot more happy! And I'm starting to envy them because they can simply play the game after download with his family and friends while I can't!

I'll need to buy other 5 copies which is a lot money to spend in games, or start for looking for cracks, hacks, etc... and those cracks needs another file, then another file, then another file... then it's more easy to simply download the pirated game to be able to have fun with my family/friends.

And in the end I'm with the original game and also the pirate version of the game and I'm starting to think that I'm a really stupid to buy such thing, which is created just to annoying we decent buyers, because the crackers will crack ANYTHING they created to avoid that.

Let's go for the facts, first with the old games:

. Just a key for install and a CD/DVD check
. We download a NO-CD/DVD hack because we can stay changing CDs/DVDs for the rest our lives and that's ok
. We have LAN play, Online Play, many times COOP option, we all were happy in LAN with family/friends and online
. We can install at all our machines at homes to play with familiy/friends, how many times we want, any time we want, until we want to play the game
. Nice anti-cheat and banning support in very big and great servers around the world
. We support the people who created all that for our pleasure
. The prices are high but in the end worth since we just need to pay once for a lifetime of fun

. Download is a pain in the ass, sometimes the mirror didn't work, there's risk of virus, takes time to download in very bad rates, but it's FREE.
. Come already with a NO-CD/DVD hack
. We have everything that the original have but without the Online gameplay, which is the best part.
. We can only play on servers hosted by other pirate games, anti-cheat doesn't work, cheaters are normal because they can cheat, get banned, create a new key and comeback to cheat again. MP is a HELL.
. All good players have the original games, here only lies the noob and stupid ones, so if we aren't any of them and really like the game we gonna buy the original to play with all the others.

So it's cleary a lot better buy the original, even if the pirate version it's free, but the one that you buy gives the same freedom as the pirate version, aside let you play online on the official, better and bigger servers with usual 64 players. Really worth it!

Now let's compare the nowdays games...

New Original
. Many of them are coming without LAN or Dedicated Servers, giving us so bad servers as the pirate ones had, making both servers bad without any difference in quality, options or size.
. Somes request the Steam so we'll need one Steam account for each machine aside a copy of the game to each of them to be able to play with at my home.
. Others request a LIVE account to play online, so one LIVE account to EACH machine.
. Download games let me install just few times in the same computer, the Stupid EA Store don't let me buy 6 copies and download just one time and install each computer with a different key, I need to download the game SIX times and install each one in each computer! if I buy 30, I'll need to download 30 times!!!!
. The price is Higher than never was! And somes are even asking more of DLC like AVP!!!
. We support who create the game for us and our fun which is good, but they are starting to giving us more hate than love with all that above listed, so we are starting to think if we should give money to this stupid people that are destroying our gaming world thinking that making the copy difficult will get return in money, but until a blind retarded knows that will not make ANY difference!
. Let we play in the original servers, small, laggy and with cheaters like the pirate ones, and sometimes with a lot less players
. Games are very limited, boring without almost any option for Multiplayer

New Pirate
. Download is a pain in the ass, sometimes the mirror didn't work, there's risk of virus, takes time to download in very bad rates, but it's FREE.
. Even if the game doesn't have LAN or Dedicated server, there's always a way to play multiplayer
. You can download ONE time and install the same in all your machines!
. Doesn't need any of the services of Steam, LIVE or EA Servers then you can play whenever you want in the way you want.
. Don't let us play the original Multiplayer, which is limited and boring, and there's so many Pirated players online that in almost times is more easier to find a full match in a pirate server than in a original one,
. Will have the same problems the original have, but in the end will let you play in LAN/Online and for FREE.
. Will not support who created the game, but also who destroyed the gameplay with his "smart" anti-piracy protections

Soooo... IMO it's clearly a lot more better get a pirate version since you have a lot more and for free.

That's why AVP was the last game for Steam that I bought and I'm VERY sad I did it, or any other game that depends of a EA server that will go offline in the middle of a party destroying our fun, or any kind of "rent a game" services like LIVE which made me not buy the amazing Dirt 2 because I refuse to pay to play the game which I'm already paid to play when I bought it, and any kind of these stupid ideas to get more money giving less and worst services.

In all theses cases I will play the generic versions which aside don't let me do anything I want, will let me do a LOT more than if I buy the original game, so that's the solution until they start to think more in the gamers instead of the piracy. I would love if all real gamers simply do the same until they learn this lesson, but I think they are a lot stupid to realise that, and will sadly stop to release games for PC, keeping only gamings for the kids and retarded from consoles.

Are we in a dead end here? I hope not... but sounds we are really close to the end of the LAN gaming.

I will pray for them come back to take care about the gamers who BUY his games, and not the piracy around the globe which is out of control and fucking us costumers will not make them get more money, by the other hand will make they lost!

I'm a System Analist for almost 2 decades and I'm doing software for living and mods for games in my free time because I simply love games. Have bought for exemple 6 copies of GRAW & GRAW2 just to play online since the game allow us to play in LAN with the same Key, theses games just WORTH IT! because they have anything a game must be in freedom of play, gameplay and fun in LAN like any decent PC game.

It's not question of money, it's never was... it's just question of respect of the gamers to give us good games with freedom of play in the way we want, when we want, and with who we want. Just amazing graphics don't make any game playable.

Think of us then we gonna think of you, or we gonna start to have fun with the pirates.

Hey! :D

just signed today an authorization for Group Yellow Media provide my MODs at his sites, magazines, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, etc... the mods COD4 Frontlines, HER BF2 and HER BF2142 will be available there shortly and in next publications. :wink:

Group Yellow Media publish several video games and computing magazines in French such as but not limited to : Windows News, Windows XP Magazine, Windows Vista Magazine, Micro Actuel, PC Achat, Internet Pratique, Computer Arts, PC Jeux, Jeux Vidéo Magazine, PlayStation Magazine, PSM3, Consoles +, Joystick, Kid Paddle, XBOX 360 Magazine, Nintendo Magazine, Joypad, T3, Download Magazine and Fiches Pratiques.

Aside COD4 Frontlines make a good success also in France beside Germany as the two countries which most play this mod, it's the first time my work will appear in France press (what I know), aside already appeared several times on Germany like on PC GAMES, PC ACTION & GIGA TV.

BASH Interview
This week I was surprised by an invite by Jock Yitch to make a interview followed by a live interview to his webcast, both to his BASH and SLASH gaming site, which is a really nice site about FPS games.

The interview was really cool and very fun. Jock and I talked about almost 2 hours about games and related stuff. The interview was of course edited with their highlights to not get you bored too fast with my unusual english.

Take a listen and don't forget to check also the text interview here.

Hajas MODs Help Forum

Hajas Blog

Help Forum
In the last months I was receiving so many questions which was making me waste hours and hours replying emails, and in almost of times with the same answers to the same questions.

So I created a Help Forum to save me time to answer all your questions and solve all your problems relative to my mods.

Feel free to register and create a topic with your own questions/problems in the respective forum of the mod that you are using.

Hello! :D

these are 2 GREAT news that I got in the last days! :D

my interview at TGN is now a main banner at Total Medal of Honor site and also in the main TGN site (Totalgamingnetwork.com)! WOW! :P

if you already didn't read this inteview yet, it's about HER for MOH Airborne. Glory days of Spearhead, etc... :)

and the second news, Frontlines was chosen of one month highlights of march at Mod DB!

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