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I make videos about video games. And that sort of thing. Reviews, first impressions, let's plays, occasional rant, I got it all.

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Hi mate, care to check out my game again and give some honest feedback? I've fixed all game stopping bugs.

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Genseric Creator

I've had another play of it.

Unfortunately, I keep getting the same bug where it stops working. I can tell you have improved on it, though. I does kind of prevents me from really seeing what the game is like.

I think you've got a good idea with this game. I like having a wide range of robots, and it is reasonably fun to play for such an early version. The groundbreaking mechanic is a good idea.

To hold my interest for longer, though, you're going to have to up the graphics. The battlefields are extremely plain, and each one is pretty much the same. I see that there are random barriers in each one, but I think you'd need more barriers, or even environmental hazards, to make things more exciting.

I think in time you may need to find a very fluent English speaker to fix up your text. At the moment it's stilted and sometimes difficult to understand. I like the touches of humour, but they don't work as well as they could.

I don't understand how the time points system works. It just looks like it increases (or decreases) by random amounts.

I'm not sure what else to say. Obviously you will have plans for the game which may contradict what I think.

I'm considering doing a video on the demo, but with it being such an early version, I'm not really sure it would be very fair.

In summary: good idea, but needs more work.

Edit: Rethought things a little.

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Hi Genseric, thanks for the thorough feedback :D. As for the environment, I like to treat it as energy cubes, so the obstacle cubes will auto explode after few turn and replaced with new wave of cubes. It will shine brighter every turn until it explode and nearby units will take damage if they don't get away from there. It should solve the boring feeling in the battlefield but maybe that is one type of environment. I may have to think of more type. And where do you think the graphic is worst at the moment?

And yes, I need to find an influence English speaker to fix my text, I don't use it at all except watching movies and reading forum :)).

The time points system is like solidified seconds in real life, as it run, it increase overtime. And when it reach the moment where an even happen or a unit take turn, it stop to perform these actions and continue to run until the next moment.

Once again, thanks for your thorough feedback, that's the reason we put an early version here so we know which problem should we focus on :D.

By the way, can you send me tho output_text.log file in the GroundBreakers_data folder to vutrongsang@gmail.com. It should tell us why the game stop.

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Genseric Creator

The graphics just looks so plain. The background is completely blank, the battlefield is dull, and the robots, while they do look distinctive, are a bit small and simple for my tastes. Also, the animations are very basic, but I assume you're working on that.

Oh, and frequently the battles just become brawls over the tactic points. At this point it's difficult to tell the robots apart and see what is happening because everything is so bunched together.

I think you may have to explain the time points system more, or just simplify it.

No problem. I still feel bad about complaining though! I really do encourage you to keep working on it. It's always great to see another indie dev :-)

I'll see about emailing the output file - I've been away from my own PC for a while.

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Yeah, we let our artist do all the art and he barely have enough time to make it really detailed :D. This is just 1/3 of the graphics. Animations and effects will be used to cover the art, hopefully so. The robots will be scaled down too :D.

And I'll add tutorial for time points system too but I'm still considering doing some small tutorial missions for new players so it's on hold while deciding it.

Hopefully we will pulled this off 'cause we don't get too much interaction from users lately :(.

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