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If you have ever played Populous as a kid, the gameplay of Reprisal will immediately bring back memories.
Stunning and artistic combination of old-school 8-bit graphics and modern effects. Amazing 8-bit soundtracks (there could be more tracks though).
The game will entertain you for a good 15-20 hours if you want to clear every stage and challenge and play a few skirmish games.
The gameplay is simple and easy to uderstand, yet addicting.
The AI could have some improvements, I never really managed to lose throughout the entire game. But maybe I'm just good.
Reccomended to anyone who loves old-school RTS games. I enjoyed every minute of this and completed everything I could.


Cave Story+

Game review

I bought and played this on steam. This game is a masterpiece of its genre. The amazing true 8-bit graphics combined with the extremely catchy soundtrack and the side-scrolling fast paced hack n slash gameplay will entertain you throughout the entire game.
This game has a great plot and will entertain you for at least 9 hours per playthrough (and you will need several playthroughs to get every weapon, every ending and every item).
The replay value is really high as you cannot get everything in one playthrough even if you followed a guide. There are three routes to get all of the weapons and multiple endings.
The controls are a bit unresponsive in my opinion, but you will get used to it. You don't have much mid-air control.
The boss fights and the combat system in general is epic, addicting, challenging and fast-paced. I loved every second of this game. Reccomended to anyone who enjoys hack-n-slash action and 8 bit graphics / music.


Acceleration Of Suguri X-Edition

Game review

Take a bullet hell game, make it versus and add flashy movement: this is Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition, an extreme action game with lightning fast gameplay. It will push your skills and reflexes to the maximum and amaze you with epic fights. You could say it's an hybrid between a fighting game and a danmaku. The art style is lovely anime style and the characters personality is very well-defined and you will get to know them better in the two story modes. I highly reccomend this game to fans of arcade, action or bullet hell games. Oh, it also includes online multiplayer to challenge your friends.

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