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Upon graduating from the Royal Academy of Music, I moved to Japan for three years, where I taught English and music. In my final year in Japan, I started working on music for movie trailers many of which can be viewed on my website. I am currently the audio director for an indie science-fiction game called "X32I : Redemption". I'm enjoying the collaborative process of making a game. I like to think of myself as a composer, but actually, I'm really a game-maker, or if it were film, a film-maker. My job is just one cog of a much larger machine. I am currently based in Los Angeles, California, where I am studying on the University of Southern California's Scoring For Motion Pictures And Television program. I am equally adept at orchestral or electronic writing. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Primal Carnage Soundtrack

fourteentoone Blog

Here is the soundtrack for the videogame Primal Carnage. Free to stream, $5 to buy. It's a very diverse selection of music, I hope you enjoy it and more importantly - enjoy the game!

Updated website, and new music playlist.

fourteentoone Blog

Hello all, please visit my updated website and also listen to a bunch of new music below.

Website - Garethcoker.net

And the playlist...

Music Reel by garethcoker

Primal Carnage Main Theme

fourteentoone Blog

I'm sure they will write this up more in the 'News' section of the actual Primal Carnage page, anyway, I just wanted to put the main theme of Primal Carnage on my own front page, because I'm quite proud of it!

And without further ado....

Rextended - Primal Carnage Main Theme by garethcoker

Musical developments.

fourteentoone Blog

My two main projects right now are both independent games, Primal Carnage and The Spire, both UDK games which will be released in the next 18 months.

Writing for them is great fun because they are both totally different games in totally different settings.

You can see / listen to my work in these two videos.

The Spire - December 2010 Teaser Trailer - Indie DB
and...... Primal Carnage....

New UDK Trailer - Primal Carnage - Indie DB

You can expect to hear more music from these projects over the next few months. In addition, please continue to check my website, as I have new tunes on there and you can keep track with my film projects and commercial projects as well.

Website update.

fourteentoone Blog

Hello all, a quick update. I've revamped my website ever so slightly, and uploaded a host of new tracks, many recorded with an orchestra. Please check them out, have a listen, etc... Hope you like what you hear.

Tracks range from dramatic (Deliverance), to epic (Serve in Heaven, Rule In Hell), to comedic (Spice).


SMPTV website.

fourteentoone Blog

Hello all,

A quick update, please check out my profile on USC's Scoring For Motion Pictures And Television site, which has a ton of music I've composed in the last 5 months.

The course has allowed me to write in multiple styles and I have categorized them appropriately on the site.

Thanks for checking it out! Your feedback as always would be most welcome.

I have three game projects on the go right now, and I look forward to updating you in the coming weeks with my themes and developments for these various projects.


X32I Redemption

fourteentoone Blog

Hello all,

This is my first blog on this site, but I will try and do an update once a month.

I will be blogging on my work with games, game audio, and in particular game music branching / seamless looping / layering and mixing. Examples of this can be heard in the video/audio section of my ModDB profile.

I will also deal with the cinematic aspect, and how to sync music to video, in particular regarding hitpoints and camera changes, which can be a huge burden to composers writing cinematic scenes in videogames.

From time to time, I will provide some tutorials on these topics.

I write music for orchestra primarily, but am equally adept with the electronic side of things.

I am a proud member of the team Vertical Horizons, who are producing the excellent X32I Redemption mod.

I have also produced multiple tracks for Lukewarm Media.

Check back regularly for my new game audio tracks, and my progress of working on the audio for X32I, as well as the tutorials.

Finally, for more info, and to listen to a wider variety of my work - orchestral, and non-orchestral - please visit my personal website - www.gareth-coker.net

I also write a general blog, which reads more like a diary - Garethcoker.blogspot.com

Thanks for visiting and reading.

Comments welcome.

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