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Game development team compromised by:
-Shi Yu Qu
-Martin Ma
-Zekai Fan
-Juan Rivera Plata
-Yihao Huang

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Hello everyone!

Fiestart is pleased to announce that we have officially released. Here is our itch.io page where you can download and play our game (our game is also available here on indieDB!) The game was released alongside many other great games at the EECS 494 Showcase. Go check them all out!

Here are some notes from our DevLog:

What's new?

We modified the tutorial level so now it's more intuitive and has no softlocks. We added a new level "Garden". It is shorter and easier. We added a feature so that you can directly choose any room to start your game as long as you have been there once. We redesigned the UI so that they look better and highlight what's important for the player. We added lots of arts. Now you can easily tell the difference between levels.

As the project has come to its end, much effort has been devoted to make it more polished, and new features are added so that the player can get access to the levels more easily.

What were some important decisions for Fiestart in this release?

First, we wanted to make our tutorial better. Our last tutorial involved too much reading and unnecessary information. Now, the tutorial should take less then 2 minutes, while going through everything that's important! We also wanted to add an easier level and tutorial. Lots of juicy UI stuff was also added!

What's next for Contracts?

Contracts is a great game considering the amount of time we've put into the development, but the time was still so limited that we couldn't include other juicy stuff we wanted to. The direction of the game changed several times along the way, but we are proud of the final product. It may be time for the dev team to take a rest, but future development is definitely not out of the question...

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