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I find it sad that the 3D RTS genre has died a death, games like Nexus: The Jupiter incident, Homeworld and Starfleet Command just aren't around any more and if I have to roll up my sleeves and drag the genre back from the pits of despair then so help me I will, I feel its time to don my indie cap and get amongst my companions. Hi my name is James and i've been geeking it out for quite a while. My first PC was an Amstrad 286 with 640kb of memory with 3 games; Prince of Persia (still a classic,) F15 and a golf game. Once i’d played the death out of all of those games I turned to cannibalising the operating system and that’s when I found QBasic. That was all I needed, from the age of 8 I was programming small computer games and apps. See my homepage for more information on me.


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