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Project Zomboid Experiences

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You know what's f**kin' scary? Zombies. Know what's even scarier? You KNOW you will die, yet you still try to live your final days in a way you choose. I came across this wonderful game called Project Zomboid. Here's a short piece from the website about the game: "You’re trapped in a quarantined city with a million zombies. There is no escape. There is no cure. The end is coming, so get used to it.Project Zomboid is about the choices you make, and how you choose to live your last days on Earth. As a hero who goes out in a moment of heroic self-sacrifice to save a defenseless family? Or a callous coward who saves his own skin and leaves his companions for dead?It’s these choices, and the story you weave in your adventure. That is what Project Zomboid is all about. Not saving the world with some pie in the sky cure, or flying away in a helicopter where everything will probably be okay. This is the apocalypse." Project Zomboid is all I could ever want from a zombie game. SURVIVAL. A realistic survival, weighing in all the other factors a human experiences. Surviving isn’t just about blowing zombie’s heads off. Depression, starvation, trust issues, loneliness, illness, insanity. These are just some of the things you have to deal with in Project Zomboid.

My First Time Playing

Okay so the first time I played this game, was of course the demo. The game starts out with you and your wife, your the Smith family! (Haha, hey Laura and Zach, these characters got the same last names!) But as the game starts, your wife is talking to you about how she "fucked up" and how "sorry she is" and that she "can't believe they robbed everything". These were my thoughts running through my head: Maybe when the populace found out about the apocalypse, our home was raided, and whoever attacked us broke my wife's leg. (Oh yeah, her leg is broke). My objectives were to find sheets to make bandages and find some painkillers. It was an easy enough task, they were all in the house we were holed up in. I made the bandages, got the painkillers, and gave them to my bleeding wife. After she was bandaged up, she mentioned that we needed to secure the house we are in. I saw a shed out the window, so I decided to go in there to grab any supplies that would help secure the house. Upon entering the shed I gathered wood, nails, and a hammer. Sweet! I returned back and boarded up the doors, and windows. Then I returned to my wife to sleep by her side, when we woke up, I had to go find some food for us... "Oh no..." I thought, I have to go out... there...? I was creeped. But we needed food! I went to search the house next to us for food, of course there was a zombie in the kitchen, took me awhile to figure out how to fight in the game, but I eventually drilled that hammer into its skull and watched the blood splatter all over the tables. I ransacked the place and returned to our house and made some soup for me and my wife. I put the prepared soup in the oven, I had no idea if it was cooking or not, on top of that, not even sure how long it would take to cook. My wife got the radio working, so I went upstairs to check it out. When I get up there, she asks about the oven, "You remembered to turn the stove off before you came up here right hon?" My character then says "SHIT"... I ran downstairs, the place was catching on fire. I ditched my wife and ran outside, running in circles (literally) freaking out, not knowing what to do. As the house was burning, it attracted attention of some of the nearby zombies. I ran. I ran into the shed, but zombies got in the shed too and ate my flesh. (The first, first, time playing, I actually starved to death because I had no idea how to eat)

The Serial Killer

Eventually I bought the game, I just had to experience more of this, this game has so much potential.. In the current pre-alpha version, it has NPC's, however, they're psycho, AND WILL KILL YOU. This was THE most scariest experience in this game EVER, that i've had so far. After running around scavenging for food in houses, I returned to one of my fortified houses. Upon return I noticed this man in a black shirt... weilding an axe, and standing by my fence. I stared at him for awhile.. Just creeped how he was looking at me with that axe. I walked away and went into my home. As I went into one of the rooms, he was right there, JUST outside the window!! This guy is after me... I was ready to shit myself. I put some more items away, disregarding him. I boarded up the door I came through, so no one could get in. I noticed that I needed to make a run for some more medical supplies and could use some more wood. I unboarded one of my doors.... I opened that door, and there he was, with that axe. He was by the shed, so I had some distance. I stared at him for a bit, then I slowly walked back inside, as I was walking outside I heard him following. I slammed the door shut and got my bat ready, I was going to smash this guy's brains out if he came in. I waited awhile, the second I let my gaurd down the door swings open. I swing my bat, but I missed, then he swings that axe and dismembers my head. I fell dead. I lasted 2 days I believe in the apocalypse. What a world.

The Raid

In another playthrough as a different character, with different traits, I went into this little warehouse/storage room full of crates. I found a dead human in there. I looted his body for a hammer, and I continued to plunder the crates. This black guy from the corner that I didn't look at comes up behind me, and swings his hammer and crushes my skull, I died instantly. The man leaves and closes the door as if nothing happened.

The Horde

This was another scary moment. It was about the 5th day in the apocalypse, i've seen a lot of things within those 5 days. I seen a man fight off a incoming horde of zombies with a shotgun, he ran out of ammo and got ripped apart by the large group of cadavers. I killed a man.. He came into my tool shop, probably looking to rob it, I drilled my bat right into his skull, dropped dead in an instant. I took all his clothes and left him outside. After the horde outside the toolshop finished eating that guy making a standoff, I went to take his shotgun(s). Thankfully I had some ammo. Only 19 shots though, I didn't exactly make them count. I wanted to alert the horde. I fired rounds at some zombies by themselves. Eventually a large group came, and I dropped 2-3 zombies per shot. I saved the last round in case a crazy human was charging me with an axe or something. I ran into a house and barricaded every door, and every window, just scared of the incoming horde. I ran upstairs. I've waited for hours, waited to die. I was starving... I couldn't leave. I was in pain.. took damage from fighting zombies... but the worst part... I was infected. I was going to die. I either die in this bathroom and turn into a zombie, or get ripped to shreds by over 200 zombies. As the hours were going by, you could hear the zombies smashing through barricades, all you could hear was just a sea of hungry moans. Death was close. Eventually they got upstairs, where I was hiding in the bathroom. When my character calmed down from the shock of what was happening, I opened the door... What? Things quieted down... What a terrible mistake, the second that door opened, a swarm of zombies come piling into the small bathroom, I was backed into a corner, violently swinging my hammer, fighting for my life. But they got me. I couldn't kill them all, no one could have... I died, and later joined the undead ranks due to my infection... Sitting in that bathroom corner, listening to the incoming doom, was a very scary thing to experience.

All-in-all. Project Zomboid is the best Zombie Survival game i've ever played, and I hope this game really takes off. :)

(I missed describing a lot of details, but I just wanted to give everyone an idea of what this game was like)

I love this game.

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