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Just a guy who interest in shooting games and some good ol' masterpieces, also interesting in historical contents from some certain video games and make some interesting reviews for them in STEAM.

If anyone wants to talk with me personally, please just add me as a friend and leave a message ;)

Also, my English is not quite fluent.. but don't worry, I keep trying to improve it!

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Here is the fifth part of my topics about Call of Duty: World at War's historical inaccuracy and other mistakes, also suggestions on how to improve it.
This part will mainly focus on the issues in the Eviction ~ Breaking Point, the 10th ~ 13th missions of this game.
For Part 1 -> Moddb.com
For Part 2 -> Moddb.com
For Part 3 -> Moddb.com
For Part 4 -> Moddb.com

- In the original version: According to the U-Bahn station signposts, it seems like Treyarch tried to convince players to believe they're fighting in the central part of Berlin. However, those signposts and other 'convincing' elements are horrible mistakes, seriously.
1. Treyarch forgets that many of the U-Bahn stations have a platform RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the lower level of the stations. Although some stations (like Bismarckstraße and Lindauer Allee) have split platforms like in the game. But surely not in the case of the U-Bahn stations located in the very central part of Berlin like Friedrichstraße, Stadtmitte, and other stations in those areas.
For more information = Moddb.com
WISB: The U-Bahn platform should be located right in the middle of the station. But Chernov and Reznov could be advancing on the different sides of a platform like in the original version (left and right).
2. Judging from signposts on the benches seems like Treyarch tries to convince the players to believe the U-Bahn station in this mission is 'Friedrichstraße' (located on today's U-Bahn U6 line and as a jointed station for the several S-Bahn lines).
But for some reason, 2 other signs can be spotted nearby: 'Offentliche luftsehutzraume befinden sich Frankfurter Allee 113' and 'befinden sich Frankfurter Allee 113.' The meaning is something like 'The Shelter room are located at Frankfurter Allee 113' and 'located at Frankfurter Allee 113.'
In reality, 'Frankfurter Allee 113' is an entrance section for a different U-Bahn station located in the eastern side of Berlin (U-Bahn U5 line in present days). And it's situated very far from the actual Friedrichstraße station.
WISB: Change both signpost into something properly and remove the 'Frankfurter Allee 113' out.
3. The sign of 'Adolf-Hitler-Platz' (today is Theodor-Heuss-Platz) and 'Horst-Wessel-Platz' (Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz) can be seen inside the station and at the entrances, treated like they are neighbor stations of the unrealistic Friedrichstraße.
However, both stations are located on ANOTHER U-Bahn line: The present days U Bahn 'U2' line. And both are located very far from the actual Friedrichstraße station.
So it's obviously MAKE NO SENSE at all to move this 2 station close to another U-Bahn station from the other line. This MESS is probably made up to create such dramatic or ironic feelings for the players to think that they're now fighting inside the heart of the Nazi territory.
For more information = Moddb.com
4. From all the above, I'd recommend REPLACE the unrealistic 'Friedrichstraße' into a more PROPER and SUITABLE station from the U-Bahn's 'U2' LINE.
As for my recommendation: 'Hausvogteiplatz' (Niederwallstraße areas) or 'Märkisches Museum' (Wallstraße areas) or 'Klosterstraße' (Littenstraße areas) station.
5. As for the signposts, Treyarch can keep the signposts of Adolf-Hitler-Platz and Horst-Wessel-Platz to be remianed in the game.
But the REAL signposts of the 'neighbor stations' should be included also.
For example, if they choose the Hausvogteiplatz, so the 'neighbor station' signs should be:
Pointing to the western side (along with Adolf-Hitler-Platz's sign) - Stadtmitte station
Pointing to the eastern side (along with Horst-Wessel-Platz's sign) - Spittelmarkt station
More info, history of the U-Bahn and the actual U-Bahn map in 1940: Urbanrail.net and Urbanrail.net
6. If Treyarch decides to choose either 'Märkisches Museum' or 'Spittelmarkt' station, then they need to add the 'SPREE RIVER' on the northern part of the map also (or make it visible in the background).

- Since Reznov and the gang are fighting in the VERY CENTRAL PART OF BERLIN, then the date settings MUST be something between April 27~29th, NOT 24th.
- From above, because of the original date setting on April 24th, that's mean after the end of this mission Dimitri had passed out for 5-6 days straight (awake on April 30th) which is so unusual for normal people.
- In real history, the tunnel was likely to be blown up by the sappers from the 11th SS 'Nordland' Panzergrenadier Division on May 2nd, 1945 (some said April 26th, well this is seriously one of the most controversial and debatable events during the Battle in Berlin).
Also, the sappers blew up the U-Bahn tunnel near the 'Landwehr canal' in reality, which is VERY FAR from the 3rd Shock Army's attacking sector (including the vanilla Friedrichstraße). And by the fact above, because of how far of the FAKE Friedrichstraße is from the demolition site, level water should be slowly raised up instead of pour in like a Tsunami. But as a part of Treyarch's alternate history, it seems like the unusually quick and brutal 'advancement' of the 3rd Shock Army (likely because of Reznov's team) change everything. The players can assume that the German forces were rushing and changing a place for the demolition (from Landwehr canal into the bigger Spree river), due to the relentlessly assaults by Reznov and the gang that paves a way for the 3rd Shock Army to attack even farther than what it should be in real life.
- During the fighting sequence inside the U-Bahn station, when we reach a half-way section of the station, Reznov and one of the Red Army soldier will say something like:
Reznov: "The place is collapsing, move!"
Soldier: "We are going to be crushed... Or buried alive!"
Reznov: "Move, faster!"
However, there is no sign of anything collapsing at that moment (just a little ground shaking, and that's all).
So my theory is, I believe that in the original transcript, a part of the U-Bahn ceiling is supposed to be collapsed into the middle of the station.
Possibly similar to what's featured in the Multiplayer Map called 'Station', but probably not that much.
But for some reason, it was eventually removed or canceled at some point in the development. And I bet because of the 2 years deadline.
WISB: The collapsing U-Bahn ceiling should be included in the newer version of this game.
- [Optional] A street section of this mission should be longer (or just a little bit) than the original.
- At least 1 or a few wreckages of 'PANTHERTURM' can be featured in this mission (Pantherturm was significantly used in the battle). And put a few of them (or only 1 in the starting section) in the Heart of the Reich mission is also recommended.

- About a half of the Red Army soldiers in this mission can be worn with the Soviet raincoat/Plash-Palatka (while the inner clothes could be M43 tunic + trouser).
And this 'raincoat' model can be used in Heart of the Reich and Downfall missions also, mix with other kinds of models in some numbers.
- [Optional] Judge from what he did since Their Land Their Blood mission, I think Dimitri should have been promoted from Private into 'Yefreytor' (equal as Corporal or lower) by now.
- [Optional] The last T-34-85 in this mission should be changed into IS-2.

- New German units: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this mission, Heart of the Reich, and Downfall (appear randomly with other units, but their number of appearances could be relatively fewer than Waffen SS).
1. 'Allgemeine SS' and 'German Waffen SS'
As to represent the 'General-SS' personnel (regular SS members/staffs, and security forces) in the Battle 'in' Berlin. Based on: SS-Standarte 6 (likely to be fought as a part of Volkssturm unit), those who were filled into the SS "Anhalt" Regiment, and etc.
And to represent the German Waffen SS personnel the battle. Based on: 600-800 SS men from the 1st SS Panzer Division LSSAH, those who were filled into the SS "Anhalt" Regiment, and etc.
Main appearances:
1.1) Field Grey SS uniform
- Field gray M40 tunic and trouser + field grey SS helmet with decals on both sides of the helmet.
- However, FEW of the SS 'CAMO helmet' and SS Dot 44 camo trouser can be randomly spawned among them.
- Shoulder straps/suspenders are unnecessary.
- Jackboots for the majority, few can wear ankle boots + gaiters (Waffen SS style).
- Other realistic SS insignia.
1.2) Black SS uniform: Appear in a fewer number than the field grey version.
- M32 tunic + single cross-belt over the right-shoulder + SS single shoulder board on the right shoulder.
- Brownish khakis inner shirt + Black necktie.
- SS black helmet with decals on both sides.
- Equip with SS version of the Nazi armband with the swastika.
- [OPTIONAL] Cuff title insignia: Just a number '6' (SS-Standarte 6).
- Enlisted SS belt and buckle.
- SS Dressed boot.
- Other realistic SS insignia.
For both 1.1 and 1.2:
- The insignia of ranks = Lower/Enlisted ranks ~ NCO ranks (Schütze/Mann ~ Hauptscharführer).
Or just use the Enlisted ranks only (Schütze/Mann ~ Rottenführer).
- The [OPTIONAL] NCO ranks can wear the black SS visor cap with realistic insignia.
Weapons for the above units: The majority should equip with Kar98k (some can be attached with bayonet), the rest are MP40, STG-44 and [OPTIONAL] MP-28.
2. 'Allgemeine SS high-ranked officers' (appear in a very fewer amount than regular Allgemeine SS).
They can appear with 2 kinds of the main appearances: Black and Field Grey uniforms + Realistic SS insignia. Or just Black uniform only.
- The insignia of ranks = Troop/Platoon Officers: Untersturmführer ~ Hauptsturmführer.
For black uniform only:
- 'Troop/Platoon Officer' version of the single shoulder board.
- Black SS visor cap only.
- Cuff title insignia: Just a number '6' (SS-Standarte 6).
- Officer SS belt and buckle.
- The rest is the same as the regular SS with a black uniform.
See more interesting info at - Old.totls.com
Weapons for the above units: The majority should equip with pistols only (Walther P38 and Luger P08), the rest can equip with SMGs.

- [OPTIONAL] New insignia and voices for the 'foreign' Waffen SS (this unit was introduced in Part 3), since this mission until the end of the campaign:
1) Apart from the Nordland insignia, few of the foreign Waffen SS with a regular field grey SS tunic can be attached with the Latvian flag on their left arm, randomly appear along with the Nordland (majority) insignia.
Note: As to represent a group of Latvian volunteers from the '15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS' (1st Latvian).
2) Same with other nationalities in Nordland Division, they can speak with the non-native German language. Also, a few Latvian words are purely optional.
- Since this mission until Downfall, these following units can be used extensively: Both foreign and German Waffen SS, Allegemeine SS, Hitlerjugend, and Volkssturm.
While other units like Heer (Army) and Fallschirmjager (paratrooper) can be appeared also, but in a fewer amount.
- Everything else about Late-War Soviet and German models, weapons and other appearances were already mentioned in Part 3 and 4.
- In the original version, there are some of the weapons that haven't appeared in this mission for some reason. And that's mean the player got relatively FEW weapons available for this mission.
WISB: Firearms like STG-44, Gewehr 43, DP-28, SVT-40, and other new weapons mentioned in Part 3 and 4 should appear in this mission also.
- For 'double-barrel shotgun' - Imfdb.org
"...When firing, the weapon incorrectly ejects a spent cartridge (and to top it off, it is a rifle round as opposed to a shotgun shell), which is impossible with real double-barreled shotguns as they have no ejection port and need to have their shells removed manually (although some are capable of automatically ejecting shells once the barrels have been broken open). When the weapon is reloaded, it acts as if none of the shells have been ejected and any empty cartridges (this time being proper shotgun shells) will still be inside the gun and are removed manually..."
WISB: This might could be changed properly in the new version.

[Special Optional] - Continuation from Part 3 and 4:
- I believe it'd make more sense and more appropriate if Reznov and the gang belong to the "8th Guards Army" instead of the 3rd Shock. Since the 8th Guards was originally the '62nd Army' from the Battle of Stalingrad, and it was the army that directly attacking the 'town of Seelow' also.
And after the Eviction mission, they would have later joined the 3rd Shock Army to assist them in taking the Reichstag.
- If these changes have been accepted, then the U-Bahn station can be changed from the middle part of present days 'U2 Line' (Stadmitte ~ Klosterstraß) into a proper station in the 'Mitte' district from the present days U-Bahn 'U6' line.
My recommendation is - Either 'Kochstraße' or 'Stadmitte' station (Stadmitte is located on both U2 and U6 routes).
- [Optional] New insignia and voices for the 'foreign' Waffen SS, since this mission until the end of the campaign. In case if this new modification has been accepted.
1) Apart from the Nordland insignia, few of the foreign Waffen SS with a regular field grey SS tunic can be attached with a French flag on their left arm. A FEW of them can randomly appear along with the Nordland (majority) and Latvian insignia.
Note: As to represent the decimated 'Sturmbataillon (Assualt Battalion) Charlemagne' of French volunteers from the '33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne' (1st French). They were defending those areas during the last days of the Battle in Berlin.
2) Same with other nationalities in the foreign-Waffen SS units, they can speak with the non-native German language. Also, a few French words are purely optional.

Black Cats
- The entire mission is seemingly to be a FICTIONAL. But likely to be based on the Japanese's 'Operation Kikusui I' (the first suicidal air attack during the Battle of Okinawa).
However, the mission date is set on April 3rd, 1945 instead of the 'April 6th' which is the actual date of the operation.
- I believe 'most' of the US ships are being wiped out by Kamikazes within 2-3 minutes before the PBY Catalina arrival is WAY TOO MUCH.
WISB: It will make much more sense if most of the ships are heavily damaged and some of them have been sunk or starting to sink into the ocean.
- In order to attach the 'Oerlikon 20mm Cannon' onto the PBY Catalina (Black Cat), the front 30 cal machineguns have to be removed in reality.
And according to History Gaming Verified - Youtube.com, using only 20mm Cannon and 30 cal is not enough to sink the Japanese merchant ships.
WISB: just make the Catalina equipped with only 30 cal machineguns on the front and the players or the other crews can destroy the merchant ships by using something like '100 lb AN-M30A1 bombs' instead.
- After taking several hits by the AA guns, PT boats, and A6M Zeroes, the damaged Catalina should have been retreated instead of continuing into the hot zone.
- Possibly the most produced Japanese PT Boats during the war, 'Type T-14' equipped with a single Type 93 (13.2 mm) should be included in this mission (mix with the vanilla PT Boats).
Either common IJA soldier (as an easy choice) or IJN sailor can operate the Type 93.
For more info: Wiki.warthunder.com and Ptboatworld.com

Blowtorch and Corkscrew
- Overall, the Okinawa battlefield is UNREALISTIC. A majority of the southern sector of Okinawa should have been completely devastated by a bombing raid and naval gunfire.
1) Add more muddy terrains, also burned surfaces and dead trees.
2) From above, the players should have to walk slower on the muddy terrain.
3) Trees and grass can still appear among some of the terrains (like at the starting section) but should be fewer than the vanilla version.
4) Coconut and palm trees are NOT the indigenous varieties/local plants of the island (they can't naturally survive over there).
The majority of them you can see nowadays on Okinawa were imported from tropical countries, appeared mostly on the fancy resorts and shopping streets of the island.
WISB: They should be completely REMOVED from this and Breaking Point missions, INCLUDING IN THEIR CUTSCENES.
- Wana ridge shouldn't become fully captured by US Marines on May 14th. In reality, it takes several days for US Marines to conquer this ridge (possibly since May 12th ~ 19th).
WISB: The date should be changed from 14th to 18th or 19th.
- A combination of M2 Flamethrower and M1919 (30 cal) is too HEAVY and unreliable for a just single soldier to carry them.
WISB: Change the 30 cal into something else like M1 Carbine or M3 Grease gun (new weapon, optional).
- [OPTIONAL] Faded-out/Washed-out color uniform for some of the US Marines.
- [OPTIONAL] At this point, Miller should be promoted into Corporal by now (judge from what he had done and had been through since the Battle of Peleliu).
- US marine's 'Corpsman' should have no 'RED CROSS' insignia on their uniform during the Battle of Okinawa, due to being a prime target for the Japanese snipers.
- For the two Sherman tanks that absurdly being destroyed so easily by a just ONE HIT from the Japanese mortar fires:
1) A couple of mortar rounds should be shelling on the marines first, the first tank could have been hit by Japanese artillery.
2) The second tank is trying to drive back, but it ends up stuck in the mud before the second artillery shell hit and destroy it.
- During the last stages of the war in the Pacific, there should be some of the new Japanese (IJA) models appear in this mission and Breaking Point.
1) IJA with battle-worn uniforms (dirtier uniforms, torn clothes, etc.).
2) [OPTIONAL] Few can appear with Japanese WW2 bandages.
3) Few of the 'BARE CHEST' model (no tunic) can appear since this mission.
4) Few of the IJA men don't have to wear a helmet or any kind of headgears.
- A short tropical pant is unnecessary for the Okinawa theater.
- The majority of IJA in this and the next mission should have worn the T98 uniforms.
- Everything else about US Marines and IJA had already mentioned Since Part 1.

Breaking Point
- In the cutscene:
1) Coconut and palm trees must be removed for the reason I had already mentioned in the Blowtorch and Corkscrew section.
2) The name 'Kakazu ridge' should be changed into something like 'Shuri line' or 'Sugarloaf hill.' Since US forces had already passed the Kakazu ridge almost a month before the engagement at the Wana ridge.
3) From the cutscene, a group of US Marines walks from the south into the northern part of the island. This is certainly IN CONTRAST with the reality that American forces had already cleared the northern part of the island and fully headed toward to the south.
4) 1,000-yard stare was actually known during WW2 as '2,000-yard stare.'
5) Shuri castle IS NOT THE JAPANESE LAST STAND, the main forces (32nd Army) were retreating into the 'Cape Kiyan' on the South of the island before US forces had arrived the Shuri line.
6) From above, US forces were not going home yet after they captured the Shuri castle for the obvious reason.

- This is a TOTALLY FICTIONAL mission. In reality, there was only minor fighting between US ground forces (Army infantries and Marines) and a small Japanese remnant in the Shuri sector.
- Sightly WORSE than the Blowtorch and Corkscrew mission, the battlefield by overall is very unrealistic.
1) Most of the southern sector of Okinawa should have been completely devastated by a bombing raid and naval gunfire, especially the Shuri line and the nearby areas.
2) More muddy terrains and burned surfaces around the castle.
3) The castle buildings seem to be looking fine and got a minor damaged. Which is very contrast with what Polonsky said: "Our planes bomb the sh*t out of this place," and in reality that the castle was completely reduced into the rubbles before the ground forces even had arrived.
So I guess Treyarch might have been trying to create an ALTERNATED timeline as if most parts of the castle and its surroundings had survived from the furious naval gunfire and bombing raid.
WISB: More damaged on the buildings and other structures inside the castle parameters and surroundings/outer areas.
- The color of the vanilla version of Shuri castle is completely anachronistic. And honestly, the entire castle and surrounding areas seemed to be based on the 1992 reconstruction version.
Here is my texture mod to sugarcoat this: Indiedb.com
For more info: Moddb.com
- There is a Japanese garden inside the castle, which was never existed in reality (according to the real aerial photographs). It's kinda acceptable for the gameplay reason, but the area needs to have more damage by US bombing raids.
- Treyarch had moved the 'Shureimon/Shuri gate' from the western part of the castle into the northern part (the starting point of this mission) for some unknown reason that EXTREMELY UNNECESSARY.
WISB: It should be visible in the background, a very far WEST of the castle.
- Some of the buildings and other structures around the castle had been missing, likely because of the lacking of proper research:
1) Two main buildings of the Engaku-ji (Okinawa) temple
1.1) The temple was located on the left of the starting section, but only the front gate building and Hôjô-kyô bridge appeared in the game.
1.2) The 2 buildings should be severely damaged or only left in the rubbles.
More info: Wiki.samurai-archives.com(Okinawa)

2) Methodist Church - Left in ruins after the furious bombing raid and naval gunfires, located on the north-east of the castle (quite far from the starting areas, but should be visible).
More info: Shimashi.ti-da.net and Christiantoday.co.jp

3) Okinawa normal school - The old elementary school, should be severely damaged and appeared behind the starting point on the right (the plain area near 'Benzaitendou' shire and 'Enkan pond').
More info: Okic.okinawa, Okic.okinawa, Blog-001.west.edge.storage-yahoo.jp, and Japaneseclass.jp沖縄師範学校

4) Kankaimon, the MAIN entrance of the castle. It was replaced by some fictional building (the 'west building') for no apparent reason.
More info: Japantravel.navitime.com and Tripadvisor.com

- At the very beginning of this mission, Roebuck said something like: "Word is, main force pulled back to the north ridge..." If what he said is actually means the Japanese forces, then this is completely contrasted to the reality that the Japanese forces actually retreated to the south.
- [OPTIONAL] New US unit for this mission: US Army infantry from the 77th Infantry Division.
Since they actually participated along with the 1st Marine Division to capture the Shuri line sector. They can arrive to assist the marines during the fighting inside the castle.
Appearance by overall: Regular army tropical combat uniform with no camo helmet.
- As mentioned in Part 4, the Japanese visor cap MUST be removed from the regular/common soldiers.
- Since the mission should have more devastated landscape and very few trees and grass left. The majority of the ambush squad should have no leaf camouflage on them.
- Since there weren't any of the coconut and palm trees on the Okinawa island, then the Japanese snipers should appear on the castle wall and among the ground rubbles instead.
- [OPTIONAL] New Japanese unit for this mission: 'Kempeitai officer.'
1) Either Type 98 uniform or the cavalry uniform with high black leather boots.
2) Wear a visor cap and Kempeitai's armband.
3) Appear in very few numbers.
4) Insignia of rank: Either Sergeant major or Sergeant.
- Japanese officers should have more appearance in this mission.
- Mortar rounds should be changed from the American rounds into the Japanese one. Since Miller (the player) picks it up from the Japanese mortar crates.
- For Japanese ambush teams who hide inside the spider holes, before they open fire with Type 100 then jump from the holes with Arisaka rifle: Change their gun into Type 99 LMG + Bayonet is highly recommended.
- Everything else about US Marines and IJA had already mentioned Since Part 1 and in the 'Blowtorch and Corkscrew' part.

That's it for Part 5. If you have any disagreement, questions or even more suggestions, feel free to leave it here in the comment section or contact me personally in a private message box.

For newcomers, here are the series of Overhaul Mods for COD WaW, aim to sugarcoat some of the problems for the sake of authenticity and realism (and I have planned to update at least 2 of them): Moddb.com

See you later in Part 6!



hey thanks for ur great mod
but can u make an axis version
bcz these axis mods are sucks

thanks if make it!

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FeReise Creator

That's gonna be a real hard one and we got a lot of busy stuff here though, so I'm sorry to say that we can't guarantee anything at this point...

But anyway, thank you so much for your support! :D

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond This is New Name And New part
coming in 2020

Make this part of a studio : Respawn Entertainment

watch now : Youtube.com

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Hello there. I have some issues with installing your Fall of Berlin V2 Mod which I cannot resolve. Could you contact me here? Or on Steam If you want. My steam name is CH33$EBURGER #F*CK_OFF

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FeReise Creator

Invitation sent!

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My Steam Name is Central_Army_88th

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FeReise Creator

Thank you! I've already sent an invitation

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