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fearlessDonut @ AetherWay0 9 3Demo

Hi. Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the idea.

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fearlessDonut @ Aether Way

Hi. Thank you for trying out the game. This is really important to me since none of my friends liked the game and i started to think i'd be the only one who would play it).
I agree that the speed is a bit slow. It's a hard topic since i need to keep a balance between strategy and action. I'm still working on a game's dynamic though and hope it'll get better in future.
(Anyway, it's not because of pc, my pc will celebrate its 10th birthday this year and is still capable of running this game smoothly enough)

Right now the most of level's progress is automatically saved when you finish playing the level by pressing 'end level' menu button so you can start from the same place next time.
I will add 'autosave each 15 min.' feature in future but not planning to add explicit Save/Load functions since they spoil the fun imo(well, may be i'll add them on easy difficulty).
Unfortunately, you can not save progress in tutorial level at all, it's a known issue, you'd better skip this miserable level if you tired of doing it's missions over and over.

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