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My initial languages stem from BASIC then Visual Basic, going from line numbers to form objects. Next came C++ with OOP and classes, and finally C# with pipeline asset integration. Recently, while going to the University I would find myself building apps of the classes I was taking, economics, symbolic logic, algebra, calculus, and of course the compsci courses, in lieu of going to the bar, and of more consequence, in lieu of gainfully completing my course work. Somehow the betterment of myself because of this has now been found beyond those final exams, back in the day. What compelled me to build instead of study may be my commercial and residential laborer/construction background; "It doesn't get done by just looking at it", mentality. Currently, I've been building C# XNA Game Studio prototypes on the PC and porting them over to the XBox 360, which is my preferred coding environment, as of late. That about sums it up, so as far as I'm concerned, its all good. G'day, Scott. Thank you.


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