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I'm a wannabe modder...in that I want to be able to make proper mods, but I have very little understanding of programming and such like, coupled with the fact that my sole modding experience comes from Tibed and text edits... So in 'American': I suck. Games and/or Game Universes of which I am interested in: Command & Conquer - To say that I'm an avid fan is an understatement. I like to be factually accurate as far as articles on the game are concerned. So much so that get into small arguments on the C&C Wiki (the Heavy Tank is not a T80! It might look like one, but in the game it's called the Heavy Tank). Sonic the Hedgehog - SA2 was the first 3D Sonic game I played. I've always found the 2D ones too hard. Why? You can't see where you're going (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Unfortunately, after Sonic Heroes, SEGA decided to fire off the voice actors and replace them with people who can't act. Also: IT'S GMT, NOT UTC! Thank you...

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