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I have done graphic work on some games. My latest and ongoing work is as mainly Concept Artist, 3D Artist and Animator on Celestial Impact. Other duties on the game includes 2D art, website and forum admin, game design and other small things...

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Check out CI beta 8

Dracus Blog

Finally the latest beta of Celestial Impact got uploaded here at moddb. I don't think I need to remind you to check it out... We need all feedback we can get so if you find anything strange or have some great idea about the game post on our forum.

Celestial Impact Beta 8

Dracus Blog

At the same time as v4 of moddb was released we (the CI devs) released Beta 8 of Celestial Impact. Unfortunately uploading the file here hasn't worked... Because of this we havn't written any news about it yet. You can find it on our webpage though, www.celestialimpact.com . Just wanted to let you know... and I do want to know how karma and activity points work so this might be just an experiment to find out?!?

 Drop me a comment if you want to know anything about our development of CI or anything at all and I might give a more useful blog entry :).