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Paul is a Senior Software Developer at Melody VR, ex Game Development Technical writer and SME at Unity Technologies (that game engine company?), ex-University Lecturer and Indie Game Developer! His latest Indie Game project is a Procedurally Generated Turn-Based Strategy game combining the turn-based strategy gameplay of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem with base management gameplay of X-COM which includes roguelike elements called Cubed Commander. Paul is a skilled programmer in C, C++, C#, VB, VB.NET, Python, javascript and Actionscript 3 for game development, and also has expertise in computer graphics and Artificial Intelligence (both academic and Games). He has worked extensively in programming with the Torque and Unity3D Game Engines on a variety of Mobile and PC games. Paul also publishes research on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality for non-gaming applications and Education.


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